Concentrated solar P-V MODULE with inexpensive Cooling
Temperature of the panel, which is the major issue in concentrated solar module, is tackled.


output of solar panel is directly proportional to intensity of light and inversely proportional to temperature of surface. even solar module and its junction cant withstand high temperature , restricting its use in concentrated system.

thus in our this work, we can utilize the flowing water of pump in cooling the surface of solar module,(since the manufactured/ marketed solar module are well water-proof ). thus, putting the module in water chamber having provision for water circulation is not a problem.
thus now with this arrangement we can reflect the light from all surrounding surfaces on the panel, not worrying about the temperature rise, part of water from pumped water would be circulated through the system. for portability we can make the reflecting faces fold-able. even tracking mechanism (cheap as mentioned in previous project) can be provided for tracking. 

idea came from following videos, which would give us the portability, effectiveness and cheapness of the system
here we can see that available solar pannels are well water-proof;

and are more efficient under water (yeah little modification in the design is obviously required for laminar flow of water circulation to reduce reflection;

and since current produced by cells are directly proportional to intensity of light, reflecting light from 80% reflective aluminum foil (house-hold foils) would do our work cheaply and if we make them fold-able , it would be portable also.

more ever this video talk about a very sound portable pump,

if we can attach our cheap, fold-able reflectors along with an additional water circulation chamber,,OUR WORK IS DONE//