water pump driven by the group of Stirling motors
A set of low power Stirling motors is synchronized by hydraulic system


The idea if Stirling motor driven by solar heat is very attractive.   But  solar energy   has low concentration. So we have two choices: to concentrate solar energy at one motor or to synchronize several low power Stirling motors somehow.

In this project I try to synchronize a group of low power Stirling motors by hydraulic system.

 Each elementary Stirling motor contains piston connected with hydraulic cylinder, which in turn, is connected through “play pipes” with two opposite hydraulic receivers. As the piston may be large and heavy, its weight is compensated by the spring. The inertia of the water flow in the pipes play the same role as a Flywheel in the typical Stirling motor. Oscillating water flow drives the water pump in the ordinary way. Water from the well is used as a cooling media in all connected elementary Stirling motors.

 As the water is practically incompressible, all pistons work in parallel  almost in one  phase.  As the elementary motors are  mechanically identical, mutual synchronization takes place .

With 1 meter diameter piston we can combine 8 engines at the frame 2mx4m. Bigger frame is difficult to relocate. The whole system may be arranged as a wagon .  The frame with elementary motors forms the roof of the said wagon.