If you Believe springs can store energy and release, then this idea should not be difficult!!!!


This device is based on SPRING over HYDRAULICS  with Photo-voltaic for charging the actuator battery. With advancement in machining techniques in Mechanical engineering and material science, It is possible to bring such ideas into reality,which was difficult to imagine few decades back.
   The following elements are the part of Energy Storage devices in Mechanical engineering, They are Water column in the form of potential energy, Flywheel for kinetic energy, Springs for potential energy, Molten salts for thermal energy.
Springs are elastic in nature , and tend to store energy when compressed or when stretched. The tension or compression can be released in a sustained manner by means of many mechanism that are available.
The intensity of energy stored in each springs depends on the spring coil and its pitch and the load it can take.  In this device The energy stored in the springs are made to act on a hydraulic cylinder which further intensifies the energy ..classic example being a hydraulic jack. Here all the mechanical advantages of machine elements are put to use. The loading of the springs is done with help of a small actuator and a 3AH battery which is charged by the PV panel. The device has two sets of storage which lasts for an hour each. When the the first one discharges the second one takes over and the battery also gets charged.
      The mechanical clock was energized by means of coil springs , or by gravity assisted weights. The coil springs used to be wound up to start the clock and as the clock functions it unwound the spring in the process. Here a manual intervention is made to periodically wind up the springs. 
Using the above principle , a mechanism has been developed to produce electricity. In case of the clock the spring power is used to move the Hour Hand and the minute hand. But in this case the drive is to a 1kw Alternator. The mechanism has been so built that it could power a 1 kilowatt alternator. Since the power is much higher than the clock, the springs are stiff,and cluster of springs and energy stored and release duration is 1 hour. The springs are loaded by means of hydraulics. This Battery is charged with a 100 watt solar Photo Voltaic cells.
what is the advantage of this system? The device is operational any time of the day. This would be useful for those places where sun light is low. Invariably these are mountainous terrains and forests where the forest wealth is at stake. The Power availability is on Demand. The power out put of the device can be increased easily. The unit is portable. This is an enhancement of existing Hand cranked mechanical devices. A ultimate Mechanical storage along with Photo-Voltaic cells. The Device manufacturing cost would be INR 40000. The spring motor shown in the schematic is specially designed for this purpose. The process is under way for its Patent.