Solar Stirling Common Waterpump
A combination of a Solarbowl with a Stirlingsystem. 200% better than a dieselpump.


Solar Stirling Common Waterpump (S.S.C.W.)

This Waterpump is a world-leading low-temperature Stirling engine water pump for decentralized water supply and distribution. The S.S.C.W can pump water from a depth of up to 100 meters. It is particularly simple to construct and can therefore be produced locally.

Picture 1:  The Solar Stirling Common Waterpump in the Solar Testfield 


Decentralized water supply and distribution are amongst the most important tasks to be solved today in the threshold countries and developing countries of the South. The S.S.C.W. is the model from Sunvention’s groundbreaking low-temperature Stirling engine range which has been specifically designed for this purpose. It is particularly simple to construct and can therefore be produced locally, supporting the regional economy, and ensuring that the knowledge and skills needed to use, maintain and develop the system are locally present.

The S.S.C.W. costs are half those of current photovoltaic pumps. Comparison to diesel pumps is even more favorable.


The S.S.C.W. is optimized for stand-alone water pumping, from a depth of up to 100m, or for pumping water up to higher ground. It can also be put into service as the prime mover in a variety of other applications, such as:

  • Driving grain mills, power saws, presses etc.
  • Driving air compressors to store compressed air to be used for pneumatic tools, for water oxygenation, etc.
  • Driving a generator to produce electricity.
  • Driving an oxygen concentrator to selectively filter oxygen from atmospheric air. The concentrated oxygen is easy to store at close to atmospheric pressure. This is an enabling technology which gives easy access to high-energy density, high-temperature combustion processes.
    Typical applications:
    • Process heat for ceramics, metallurgy.
    • Clean low-emission combustion of all kinds of biomass
    • Low-emission stoves and ovens
Technical Details
  • Working Fluid: Air.
  • Internal Pressure: Close to atmospheric pressure.
  • Cylinder: Diameter 2 m, height 50 cm.
  • Temperature of hot side: Over 100ºC
  • Cooling: Cooled by the pumped water.
  • Tracking: Single axis tracking system.
  • Pumping Capacity: In a country with 2000 sunshine hours per year,
    • approximately 400 thousand liters per day for irrigation, or
    •  80 thousand liters per day at a pumping depth of 10 meters, or
    • 25 thousand liters per day at a pumping depth of 30 meters, or
    • 15 thousand liters per day at a pumping depth of 50 meters.
  • Estimated Working Lifetime: Approximately 30 years.
  • Cost over ten years of operation in Europe: 3.5 Euro-cents per cubic meter of water pumped from 30 meters depth. In Indian the costs will be much less.
  • Tested in over 1000 hours of operation.

Picture 2 :  S.S.C.W.  Hot Oil Storage during the night.