No Battery System
Extra power to Solar pump+Domestic Power


  • No Batteries required.
  • The Solar pump irrigates the field.
  • The flow of the water from solar pump contains kinetic enegry
  • This is used to drive a portable alternator which generates electricity.
It gives back some power back to the pump.
  • It might be a small amount but still it helps increase output. It will be an open system so there is no back pressure on the pump and output is not reduced.
  • Once irrigation is done the farmer takes the pump back home to pump water up into an over head tank.
  • This water is let out drive to the portable alternator when ever power requirement is there for domestic use. Now in a closed system.
  • This way no batteries are required, which are prohibitively expensive, require replacement periodically, performance deterioration with time, no proper disposal facilities and emit noxious fumes, an environmental hazard.
  •  This provides a cost effective and clean solution for both irrigation and domestic power supply.

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