Low Cost Solar & Biomass hybrid Pump for community
High tech solar & biomass hybrid pump costing Rs. 38,000 / farmer by sharing the premium components


A Hybrid pump design utilizing the benefits of both solar and biomass resource which is available abundantly at a low cost. The high-tech product capital is maintained lower by sharing the high cost components by the farm community. Hence, the components are maximum utilized and there is a business model generated to recover the capital in just 6 months time.   

1.       The 1.5 HP pump is capable of handling water head from 5 to 15 meters, making the system flexible to weather conditions.

2.       The system can produce about 3 lakhs to 4 lakhs liters of water per day from solar & biomass source.

3.       The system can accept all sources of power like solar, EB, Diesel & biogas Generators etc…, and works with an efficient logic optimizing all the power source.

4.       A simple low cost manual dual axis tracker based on pulley & slots are deployed to increase the generation by 30 to 40%. ( A 900 Wp system with 1 HP BLDC pump can deliver upto 1.5 lakhs liters per day capable of powering 5 farms )

5.       The system can deliver 20000 to 25000 liters per hour and there is solar power for 14 hours a day to cater minimum 10 farmers.

6.       Portable design for mobility in and around the farm.

7.       Minimum battery bank to stabilize the pump output and to improve the peoples’ standard of living by catering their basic requirements like lighting, charging mobile & laptop , water purifier etc….

8.       A good business model were the owner can easily earn by renting the pumping system for more than 10 farms per day.

9.       Extra income by renting out to charge mobiles, purify water etc…

10.   High security by using PV panels with RFID and a GSM/GPS based system to track the system and provide messaging alerts when required.

11. The excess bio gas can be utilized for cooking, heating and lighting purpose improving the health and standard of peoples life.

12. The manure produced by the anaerobic digester will reduce their cost of fertilizer and motivate them to a sustainable organic farming. 

The detailed design of the system is posted in the forum.