BIHAR TUBE The hydraulics is the solution ....the power of the atmospheric pressure.


BIHAR TUBE consist  of a Atmospheric Pressure Pump, so it can lift the water its own height. Therefore, a 6m Tube Bihar is capable to raise the water 6m, only with the power of the atmospheric pressure.

This idea is based on the  hydraulic system of Heron and Torricelli (The details are reserved)


Beginning with this concept, what we need is a small 16W aquarium pump  to extract the water through the rising pipe. The pump capacity is 1000 L / h.

To move this mini pump, we need a battery and a small solar panel of 50w. This equipment can operate day and night.

It is also needed a hand pump, such as those of the barrels, to raise the first 100L and start the system.

The installation can be completed with a drip irrigation system at low pressure, which distributes about 0.25 L / h per dropper.

We also need a tripod to put the pipe in place.

To satisfy the pride of Indian farmers, we customized the tube as a minaret with a small flag... and painting will also be the Indian taste ...

The cost:

Bihar Tube $ 500

Battery, solar panel, hand pump and mini pump $ 500

Drip irrigation system for 1 Hectare $ 500

New  video with a Bihar Tube 3m high.

 Ascend the water 3m, only hydraulic force.