A HYBRID SOLAR TURBO- ALTERNATOR for Agriculture Water Pumps
Hybrid solar collector with Turbo-Alternator for a Range of Irrigation Water pumps.


The Hybrid Solar Collector with a flash boiler powering a single phase/ 3 phase Alternator of 5 kw and Multiples to substitute the existing diesel powered water pumps which is contributing to global warming. consists of the following.

1. A solar collector which is insulated by means of a Vaccum glass to avoid heat loss from convection to the atmosphere.
2.The collector has 4 parabolic trough concentrator and are focused to its respective collectors.
3. The center of the solar collector is the Black body absorber.
4. The total area of the Hybrid solar collector is 5 sqmtr.
5. The Hybrid solar collector is also equipped with Molten salt heat storage pack at the back of the panel and is integral part of the panel.
6. The solar energy that is collected in the form of Heat in the solar collector is carried away by the copper tubes in which Carbon di oxide is used to conduct the heat to the molten salt pack and subsequently to the Heat exchanger inside the flash boiler.
7. The solar collector tracks the sun by means of a sun tracking device , in this case it is a mechanical device. The location of mirror and tracking is by mechanical means.
8. The Flash boiler  consist of a heat exchanger, a safety valve, a non return valve,and has a capacity to hold 1 ltr of water. The basic reason of calling this as Flash is the specific heat and latent heat of evaporation is the lowest for this qty if one looks at the steam tables. The heat input is more than sufficient to set the system going quickly. The water for the flash boiler is supplied by a metering system which is supported by a boiler feed water pump. All these devices are operated by the steam turbine output shaft.
9. The prime mover is a steam turbine ( Impulse Type )  which is custom built for this application. The output of the steam turbine is sent to a steam condenser and thus making the system closed loop. There is provision for make up water.
10. The steam turbine is connected to the electrical alternator by means of a Flywheel. The flywheel stores Kinetic energy and stabilizes the energy out put.We have here Flywheel & Molten salt for storage and release improving the consistency of the entire system.
11. The speed of the steam Turbine is set at 1500 RPM and is governed for 50Hz frequency.the system has been provided with a servo controlled voltage stabilizer for voltage regulation.
12. The Out put horse power of the prime mover ie the steam turbine is directly proportional to the Mean effective pressure at which it is operated. The system would be operating within the range of  40-50 bar.
13. The term Hybrid is that the solar collector effectively collects all the Infra-red and The ultra violet radiations.
14. After a frugal costing and with a manufacturing profits of  15-18% the cost excluding the transport would not exceed INR 50,000. so cost per kilowatt is INR 10,000. 
15. The unit is rugged and not prone for damage during transport, and all the dimensions comply to transportation dimensions.
16. I have chosen to make a powerful Alternator for the farming irrigation needs because the water table change with topography , The depth of the well varies, the yield of the well varies, the size of the farm land owned by a farmer varies, the REQUIREMENT OF WATER PUMP CAPACITY VARY. Keeping that in view a 5 Kw could be able to power most of the pumps across the country
17.The above system being a mechanical engineered parts , The farmer need  can get it repaired if any with local available workshop and expertise. 
18. Since this is basically a mechanical engineering product , with the number of manufacturing industry across  the country , making the end meet for the farming community becomes a reality.