a vacume is created by the air expanding inside a black tank during th day drawing water buy night


a dome toped cilindrical black rigid tank that heats up during the day a the air inside heats up it expands forcing air out of the central pipe that is submersed in he well at night when the expanded air shrinks it creates a vacuum sucking water in to the tank i feel that it ist necacery to be portable as it is a large and sypmle system theat wold be difficult to steal but requires very little maintanace as it has no moving parts also resulting in a very cheap production i have mde a 500ml tank and achived a 94ml of water over a only a small heat chainge of 20 degrees whear as the tepritures reached on a black surfice in parts of india would way excide these fluxuations so if you had a 500L tank you would expect to recive at least 94L of water per night!!!