NSP-Solar Pump - Solar Pump Station especially designed for remote areas
Solar Pump Station especially designed for a water supply in remote areas.


The "NSP-Solar Pump" is a Solar Pump Station which is maintenance-free and independent of any power supply.
It is especially designed for irrigation and drinking water supply mainly for the development in remote areas.

With the NSP Solar Pump (water well pump) the water is pumped to the surface using a pump piston system which is located in the water well.
The drive is located on the surface and is operated by means of electricity from photovoltaic panels or another source.
The drive is transmitted with a gearbox and powers a crank lever.

Design Pump Piston (3 years in use):
This causes vertical reciprocation and the water is pumped to the surface and is freely discharged.

Design Solar Rope-Pump (possible):
Instead of an up and down movement by means of the pump piston, there is also the opportunity to realize a rotational movement in the drive to operate the system as a "Solar powered Rope-Pump".

Construction design & Production costs:
The cost of the NSP Solar Pump Systems are based on well depth and flow rate. Depending on the version, the system can already get in operation with a power of 190W up to 3,200W - produced by solar panels and or a wind turbine.

For this award already the smallest system (Fig.2,3&4) with a power of only 1 solar-panel with 190W - would be enough for a 20-meter water well with a flow rate of around 10,000 liters of water per day. The production cost in a serial production will be about $ 1,500 of the smallest system (Fig.2,3&4).
This smallest NSP-Solar Pump system is in prototype phase.

For all systems it is possible to connect the NSP Solar Pump with Hand Pump Systems and thus to use the existing hand pump pistons without having to uninstall it too; - or to use the maintenance free NSP Pump Piston.

Summary: The NSP Solar Pump is flexible to design and produce according to this target of the production costs in small and larger sizes.

About me - Dietmar Stuck:

As developer and Managing Director of NSP, Dietmar Stuck Jr., I have spent many years both at home and abroad (Africa, Australia and Europe) as a water well drill master and supervisor of well construction. Following this, I specialized in "Sustainable Development".


No maintenance & running costs:
No running costs and no maintenance - also NO changing of seal gaskets in the pump piston system and no maintenance or renewal of a battery system.

Simple installation:
A Do-It-Yourself construction, assembled manually & easily in a few steps.

Emergency Hand Pump Function:
A simple readjustment to hand drive enables water pumping also during the night or in case of unexpected problems - Emergency Hand Pump Function.

Flow rates & Well depths:
Flow rates are based on well depth, water level & well diameter and between 5,000 (up to 80 meters) and 60,000 (up to 20m) liters of water per day.

Replacement of already existing systems:
An existing hand pump or windmill in a rural or remote water well can easily be replaced with the “NSP-Solar Pump”.

The water in some regions has a minor salt content and is suitable for consumption, but not for delivery with water pumps made of conventional materials which are not resistant to corrosion. 
The NSP Solar Pump is saltwater-resistant: Both the pumping piston and the pump rods are made of a special high-quality steel, preventing corrosion and the need for maintenance even when pumping highly concentrated saltwater.

Sustainable development through a local production:
A local production of the system is planned to achieve a sustainable development and economic advancement of the country too.

YouTube Videos:
Main Video:
Channel: http://www.youtube.com/newsolarpump
Video with pump delivery of 60.000 litres water per day (2 litres per second):

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