Motorized Pump
My idea is very simple and I have already assembled a working prototype. Take a small Pump


available off the shelf in the local market .  Fix this pump and a 500 Watt AC motor on a wooden platform (see picture). Use a fan belt to run the pump. The motor derives energy from a 1500 VA inverter.


This inverter derives its power from a 12V 150 AH battery which in turn, derives its power from solar panels generating a total of 500 watts of electricity. The whole contraption consists of three modular units: (i) wooden platform on which are based the pump and the motor, (ii) the battery at the base and the inverter placed on a shelf above – this could be placed on a small trolley with four wheels and two handles, one on each side, so that it can be lifted and carried by two persons and (iii) a trolley on which are fixed solar panels generating 500 watts of electricity, there would be provision for tilting the panels to the desired angle. This trolley would again have four wheels and two handles, one on each side for ease for carriage. A small hand cart, again with four wheels and two handles could be used for carrying all the three sections. At the site of actual use the motor has only to be connected to the inverter, and the battery to the solar panels.

The whole thing can be accomplished in a few minutes by any person with but little training.

This contraption would use solar energy; its battery would provide back up if the sun plays hide-and-seek. The handle for manual use can be used for a short time in extreme situations. It would be absolutely portable. One should pour some lubricating oil through the exit before and after the day’s work.


Note – The pump we used was made of cast iron – it could perhaps be made lighter and rust-resistant if some other material like brass or aluminium is used. This should make for a more efficient pump which would use lesser energy and pump out more water.


Cost computation (INR):

Pump – Rs 700/-

Motor – Rs 6,000/-

Inverter (1500 VA) with Battery (150AH)– Rs 33,000/-

Solar panels 500 W – Rs 36,500/-

Total – Rs 76,200/- excluding labour cost.



c/o Dr Mohan Mishra

Ambalike, Bengali Tola



Bihar, INDIA