Solar Fire meets Breather Pump
Our system uses a Solar Fire solar collector providing steam for our "breather pump".


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Our team is on a path which is dedicated to pumping water with compressed steam via a solar heat engine to serve 1000-2500 gallons of water every solar day from wells, bore holes, ponds and streams through an affordable, portable system serving families and farms worldwide.

Though scalable, we are targeting output volumes enough to serve a two hectare family gardens, small orchards and livestock troughs with adequate water to provide some commercial resale beyond subsistence, saving 18-30 man hours of human labor per day when compared with fully manual bucketing and hand distribution.

It is vital to note that this design has been substantially simplified within the past 30 days. The experimental success for tubing materials capable of sending steam directly from the solar boiler to a compressor/pump assembly has allowed for this improvement.

The invention, still keeping compressed steam isolated from cold water, now benefits in efficiency by avoiding the earlier design requirement to compress air as a transfer mechanism.

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