Solar Turbine Pump
Portable solar powered submersible turbine pump.


The concept is a solar powered 300-600 W  DC 24-48V self priming turbine pump. May be offered in two forms (sizes). The unit is easily detachable from the solar PV unit using quick connect couplings.  The solar PV modules are a flexible PV material with nano particle tehnology which captures more sunlight and allows the PV modules to be laid upon the ground if necessary, or use a low profile fold up frame that can be anchored to the ground. It is not necessary to track the suns position.  This makes the solar power unit light weight and easily portable and easily relocated re the requirement for the farmer to pack up and keep safe at night.  The control unit allows the pump to be shut down or started. Water can be transferred to a storage tank/dam/channel or applied direct to crops.  The turbine pump is a bladeless turbine which mitigates problems with particulates and provides a non maintenance low cost narrow profile to fit into bores down to 100mm . The pump head (turbine) is manufactured from injection moulded components so is very much a low cost design, easy to manufacture and assemble. The DC motor is an 'off the shelf' item suited to this application. These features also allow for flexibility in product form so a lower cost unit with lower pump flow unit may be manfactured from the same components.  Both units would fit within the proposed budgeted cost range.
If successful the product would be completely manufactured in India and could be supplied to neighboring countries sharing similar irrigation issues. Would create local manufacturing & distribution jobs.

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