Wind Solar and human powered for pumping systems
There are 5 exaples of wind and solar water pumping systems and one bike water maker



Water Pumping Systems

In this presentation we have a lot examples of pumping systems implemented by Engineer Marco Serafino with the collaboration of other international and local staff.

For your competion my proposal  is :

1. Wind and Solar pumping System with storage made by Prof. Giorgio Nembrini 

2.Byke pump driving by people this  application is possible
associate with reverse osmosis for drinkinking water – Project 2005 in Pate Island –Faza – design and implemtation by Marco Serafino
3.Wave pump for river  made by Arkadiy Levshin (Russian)

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4. Wind mechanical pump Kjito (Kenya ) Made  by Mike Harries

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5. FLOW Pump  (Wind Pump)  made by : Eng Simon Faithing

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