Sun Expansion Waterpump
A combination of a high quality suncollector with a new kind of stirlingmachine for a cheap price.


Sun Expansion Waterpump


The core of the Sun Expantion Waterpump is a different kind of Stirling machine working with expansion and contraction in a partly open system.


A hexagon formed tent (45° to the sun) from black plastic sheets supported by a metal frameconstruction works as a strong suncollector. The air in the closed tent is expanding by the heat and presses the aluminium cylinder (on the top of the tent ) upwards. At the highest point a valve opens in the top of the cylinder and the hot air partly streams out.


At the same time the air-input-coolers (see details on picture) on the lowest point of the tent open up and cools the instreaming air. This cooling down of the air in the tent leads to a contraction and sucks the cylinder downwards. The valve on the top and air-input-coolers close again and the movement start from the beginning.  This up and downward movement is connected with a normal pistonpump and pumps about 2 liters of water by every up and down movement.


The wellwater is collected in a waterbarrel in the center of the tent. The water in the barrel streams in the pipeframe on the lowest level, is connected with the input cooling system and streams further in a driptube system on the land. The water in the barrel gives the waterpressure needed for the dripsystem to move around.


This whole Sun Expension Waterpump system costs about $ 500  in big quantities and is almost transportable like a normal tent.