Animal Driven Pump
The use of Panchal Pumps with the help of cattle/animals power can bring smiles in the farmers face.




Pump Unit: Unlike the conventional borehole pumps, the PANCHAL Sub Rotor Pump uses the progressive cavity principle to draw water up.

Drive Unit: Uniquely designed drive device operates with low input speed by cattle delivers higher output speeds to drive the pump unit.


02. APPLICATIONS: Irrigation of Lands, Drinking Water System, Rural Establishments Like Village, Schools, Cattle Farms, College, Industries, Forestry.

03. ADDITIONAL APPLICATION: The Drive Device of the pump can be used for the following in the Rural Community Development:
a) Atta chakki
b) Mechanical Thresher
c) Cattle fodder / grass cutting machine
d) Battery charging for lights and electric bykes.
e) Potters' Wheel
f) Grass Rope manufacturing.
g) Air Compressors.
h) Cottage Industry


04. USES: Panchal Pumps are useful in the following:
a) Irrigation of Lands
b) Safe Drinking Water for Rural Community
c) Community Sanitary Facilities
d) Cattle Rearing
e) Forest Cultivation
f) Rural Educational Institutions with Hostels

05. ADVANTAGE: The use of Panchal Pumps with the help of cattle power can bring smiles in the farmers face for many reasons. Wise and meaningful use of cattle power for irrigation by farmers and use of the unique Drive Device (Gear box) for many industrial applications would Bring economic development to rural India with Pollution Free Environment, saving Electricity and Fossil Fuels for other applications.

* Handles sand laden water

* Uniform flow

* Simple maintenance on site

* Robust construction for durability

* Easy installation

* No valve / washer to clog


* No pollution

* Save 100% electricity & diesel

* Water available at a very low cost

* Rearing of cattle


Independence: Panchal Cattle Driven Pump is not dependent on electricity / diesel or coal because it is also works with Cattle Power.

More Flow at Higher End: The system pushes encapsulated water with positive force, so that ample volume in maintained at higher heads.

Easy Maintenance: “PANCHAL” has very less wearing parts and are easy dismantling and assembling designs for easy maintenance.

More Water, Less Energy: “PANCHAL” pumps waste the least possible energy on internal friction.

Unique Drive Device: Energy saving easily driven, less effort by cattle, fully lubricated drive system operating at very low speed keeping in rhythm with a pair of leisurely walking bullocks, to drive the pump at higher speeds.

The drive unit and drive lever are specially designed by keeping in mind of the intricate designs of the cattle psychosis.



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