Sphere pump - green, safe, economic, mobile
A creative process gave birth to a portable and safe pump for the third world consumer.


Designing a pump for the indian market is no easy task and even more so if you take away powerfull fuels and need to use regenerative sources of energy. There are offcourse a few very important things you need to think about before eaven taking your project to the draving board: how much money do indian farmers have? Could the posibly afford a pump that is priced at 1500$? So you have to reduce the production price as much as you can and use green and recyclable materials. Does an average indian farmer know how to use a big and complicated pump and/or does he eaven need a big water pump? So you need to think about the size of the device and is it going to be fixated or mobile as well on what kind of technology is is going to run and is that techonology going to use much power?


That creative and design process has resulted in a incredible water pump which is perfect for the indian market – the Sphere Pump.

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