The Infinity Energy Machine
The infinity energy theory consists in “creating” energy. The principal process of this theory is breaking up of water molecules to hydrogen atoms and oxygen atoms through electrolysis and used as fuel. This will be a closed circuit engine, that is the hy


All the process starts from the hydrolysis tank, where water will be decomposed into HHO which will be conserved in a little HHO cylinder. HHO will be used as fuel to run a small gasoline engine which is going to rotate the transmission shaft connected to water pump and a dynamo motor.

                               Our primary need is satisfied by operating water pump. Now, the electricity produced by dynamo connected to transmission shaft will be necessary to keep all in motion. The electricity will pass through a control panel, where some part of it will sent to battery (until fully recharged) and other part (adjusted by control panel based on hydrogen requirements of engine ) of it for hydrolysis. This spiral process continues up to satisfying the water need.

·        All the phases of the process (like hydrogen pressure, quantity, requirements etc.) will be maintained under control by control panel making all safer to use.

·        The little HHO cylinder is just to start up the engine. Can be used an old low pressure cylinder.

·        The engine may be an ordinary electric generator easily findable everywhere.

·        All the above system can be mounted on a cargo bicycle rickshaw permanently, and every time you move you need only two hoses to attach the pump, one for inlet other for outlet.