Power generation from combination of wind & solar energy
Create energy by using the air flow principal.


Overview: Generally we use solar or wind for generating the power. But we also use the combination of solar & wind for power generation. We know that when air heats up its density goes down & air goes upward direction. Due to this, the pressure of that region comes down compare to other, so the cold air comes rapidly to fill that area & in this way there create air circulation. By using this principal we generate the power by using the flow of air by creating a vacuum in a particular area by using the solar energy.   

System description:

In the picture we see inverse of L shape path. It is a convergent & divergent shape. At the section B-C, it is an arrangement some convex lens. The main purpose of this lens is to concentrate the solar energy in a particular point by which the air in the section B-C is heated up. After then due to the lower density, the hot air goes to upward direction through the section C-D & creates a vacuum in section B-C. Due to this vacuum there create air flow through the section A-B. Due to the shape of the section A-B pressure energy of air converted in velocity energy at the point B. Since the kinetic energy depends upon the air velocity (power= ½ X velocity^3 X density X swept area), so by increasing the velocity we get more energy.