Is this solar cell ? Or a Wind spire? No this hybrid of these two. we all know that sun is available in the day only, energy is not available during night from sun whereas wind energy is available throughout the day and its capacity increases in the


The advantage of solar energy is that this energy is free and available in plenty. It is pollution free. The solar thermal power plants are feasible in deserts, dry sunny areas where other sources. Solar systems are economical and feasible for remote, stand alone power plant

Advantages :  Wind energy is nature’s gift and readily available, nonpolluting power system so it has no adverse influence on  environment.  Wind energy systems avoid fuel for transport and thus mother nature’ get not disturbed. Upto few KW Less costly, low operating cost and also can be useful in supplying electric power to remote areas where other energy sources are scarcely available.

. The Disadvantages:   Its  not in the concentrated form

Wind energy available is fluctuating in nature,   wind energy needs storage capacity because of its irregularity.

Because of the disadvantages involved in using solar or wind energy individually, a hybrid system which avoids the individual advantages will become more famous in coming years. Also the renewable energy equipments will become cheaper and efficient with modern technology.

. In order to overcome these problems, concept of ‘hybrid power plant’ is introduced. In this both solar and wind power plants are used so that their disadvantages are reduced to a considerable amount.