Daichi Treadle Pump
Daichi treadle pumps, cheap, powerful, healthy.. Easy use and transport.


Daichi treadle pump is a treadle pump that use both Leg and Arm to operate.

it more powerful than other treadle pump that operate only by leg around 30% to 60%, or even more than that. it depend on how strong we are, not only depend on the weight of the body.

with a man who could produce 200w power output.
could pump 8,000L/per hour from 5m depth

a few thing that Daichi treadle pump deference from other treadle pump:
1. had a hand treadle to boost the power. 
Operate with hand support,it make our mind more concentration,
 it make the  operator operate energetically, and less stress..
2. the piston move up down straight. reduce friction, increase efficiency, increase time of use.
3. piston made of smooth plastic not rubber. less friction, increase efficiency.
4. step down with a comfortable step.see in picture 5. decrease energy lose on step.
Cost: 50 €

Weight: 50kg (made of steel frame), or
( made of wood and steel)