Hybrid Daichi Pump
Hybrid Daichi pumps, cheap, useful..


This pump could pump the water by human power or electric city.
 or electric city combine with human power.
 The electric power takes from the solar panel or battery.


A Treadle mechanic and motor are set on the cart.

use a hub motor for:

1.       Drive the pump mechanic

2.       Drive the cart

3.       Use as generator to produce electric city for some time.


When drive the pump mechanic, disconnect the wheel lock.

When drive the cart by motor, disconnect the treadle lock.

The cart also could drive by human power combine with motor.

When use to produce electric city as generator,

Disconnect the pump,

 Disconnect the motor controller,

Connect the output of motor to diode circuit for produce DC out.

Up the wheel above the ground, use the wheel as wheel crank.

Step on the treadle operate like pumping water.


1. the pump in the cart,Cylinder diameter 130mm and 400mm long. has a piston for compress the air and sucks the air back.
 2. the Cylinder in the well, diameter 90mm and 1200mm long, no piston, has 4 check valve.
the pump in the cart compress the air to pulse the water in the Cylinder in the well, through a check valve,to the ground.
and when the pump on the cart sucks the air back, the water will in to the Cylinder in the well by another check valve.

The piston could compress the air to pulse the water more than 10m from underground to the ground.

If we pump the water less than 5m depth, no need to use the piston to compress the air to pulse the water.

Use the piston sucks the water directly.

Because use compress air to pump will lose some energy in heat.

Solar panel

Solar panel is track able, by manual track,

Could turn h axis 360degree and turn v axis 180degree

no need track often, 3 to 6 time a day is ok.

the solar panel with tracking could produce electric power about 30% more than the solar panel no tracking.

and a day the solar with track could produce energy about 8h for using.

Plan of use

In the morning when the Sun not shines strong yet, use human power to support.

In the afternoon let the Sun operate the pump alone.

Pumps calculate:

let calculate the power output of the panel is 400w,

400w electric power with BLDC motor efficiency 82%

could produce about 320w mechanic power.

with the efficiency of the pump about 40% (pump with the compress air)

320w could pump 9,200L  from 5m depth.

or 55% (if suck the water directly)

320w could pump 12,500L from 5m depth.

so a day we could pump the water about 40,000L to 70,000L from 5m depth, without human power support.


1.       190w solar panel x3 = 570w = 450usd

2.       12v12Ah Battery x 3 =60usd

3.       Charge controller = 20usd

4.       Hub DC motor 36v 500w 200rpm = 110usd

5.       Motor controller = 20usd

6.       Pump = 50usd

7.       Air pine12mm 7mx2 = 6usd

8.       Water pine 7m = 4usd

9.       Card and mechanic = 180usd

10.     Total cost=950usd (not including drip irrigation system)