Hybrid pendulum pumps
Hybrid pendulum pumps, easy use and care. farmer could build it by Themselves.



The parabolic concentrate the Sun energy to heat the air in the boiler.
make the air get hot and bigger bigger pulse the piston that connect with the pendulum and the pump mechanic.
The pump, pump some water through the outside piston cylinder before get out to irrigate, make the air in piston get cool and smaller smaller.
The farmer pulse the pendulum back, the piston pulse the air to the boiler again.

when the Sun strong, the energy that keep in the pendulum could pulse the air back to the boiler without human power support.

The parabolic track to the Sun by manual or electronic tracker.
If electronic tracker we will install a small solar pv, solar tracker circuit, motor, driver, and a small battery.

set up a systerm like this it will cost less than 350usd for the need of pumping water about 50,000L a day.
weight around 120kg.