(R)evolution for the Eggolino
In many countries the egg is the symbol of fertility


In many countries the egg is a symbol of fertility. So the idea was, to design the pump like this symbol to give the hope of the richness of the soil.
The pump works very easy. You have two halfs. 
Inside the egg are the solar panels integrated, so when you open the halfs, you can fold out the solar panels.
The bottom half is for collect the water. The upper half with the fold out panels comes conversely in the well/fountain hole.
For use, you only need a submersible engine. The electricity you need therefor you'll get from the solar collectors.
The engine hangs on ropes. 
The water hose has his threaded connection at the engine and on the other side hanging in the bottom half of the egg.
If the lower half is full, you can go to bring the water to the field, or you let the egg there and take only a water hose, which is fixed under the half and douse the field.
Also you can transport the whole/or half egg to:

- the field
- at home (e.g. for cleaning dishes, clothes, take a shower a.s.o.)
- to neighbours (if they are sick, or need help)

If you are completly ready, you fold in the solar panels, close the egg with the second half and go home.

The farmers can paint their Eggolinos with an own design, so that they can everywhere find, if it will stolen. 

The Material you can use from recycling:

- wheels
- barrels of plastic
- ropes
- rubber
- hoses
- axis

What you have to buy:

- the solar panels
- submersible engine/pump
- cables

Link :http://www.lemo-solar.de/shop/solartechnik_zubehoer.php?p=4 (e.g. Art. Nr TP124S)

Link: http://solar-baumeister.de/solarstrom/solarpumpen.htm#tiefbrunnenpumpen

Maybe you can ask him for new materials:

Hmm, at the moment, I am not sure, if I am on the right way.....I guess that you have the knowledge about these technologies?!

have fun & happy eggolinos:))