Book concentrated solar power technology (BCSP)
An integrated and inventive power/pumping technology, may represents an effective solution .


 Book Concentrated solar power technology (BCSP) is an integrated, easy and effective power/pumping technology, described as a technology of sustainability, contribute in the challenge of “A Watershed Moment in India” as a solution meets the requirements and be applicable in the case of Bihar and others.

BCSP tech based on the concept of the deep solar structures has a radial structure  able to be folding easily like a book. see the attached files.

BCSP works:

The system designed to be used easily by any person and does not need to experience in its operation, simple steps:

1 – Move it to the place (e.g. the field).

2 - Open the energy panels (as opening a book).

3 - Press the power button (for electricity) or run the water pump.

BCSP components:

1 - Energy Technology (book panels).

2 - Pumping technology (inside the cylinder).

3 –Mobility technology (Cart ).


- Inventive power/pumping technology.

- Flexibility: ease and speed of deploying and using (does not require solar tracking system).

- Effective concentrated solar system: its unique structure increases the efficiency of harvesting solar, there are also in the outer cover cells of LSCs tech that convert the light into energy all the day and even if the system is folded ( closed ) harvesting and storage the energy will continue.

- Effective pumping system: either consists of existing pumping techs or integrate its own inventive techs based on new concept called “alpha-dual pumping” aim to increase the efficiency of pumping by using less energy and achieving a higher flow rate , may be addressed in detail as a solution .

- Scalability: could be updated by adding techs of renewable energy for more capacity and storage.

- Assembly and disassembly portability: “as an advantage” for more efficiency and making it a multi-purpose technology.

- Efficiency: expected to be increased about more than 4 times (in terms of use, size, price, and performance).

- Security: the system has protection equipment from damage or theft, such as cases and cages.

- Control and management: the possibility of timing either amount or hours pumping.

- Appearance: have a nice and coherent design (as a one machine).

- Approved: Most of its techniques are available and proven.

- Upgradable: by adding new concepts and ideas.


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