Energy [R]evolution: A Watershed Moment in IndiaWater pumps for farmers in India
Summary of the idea : 1. Cost effective 2. Easy to transport 3. Easily Assemble 4. No need for dissemble 5. Easily folded and carry home 6. Handy 7. Minimum weight so can move manually 8. Minimum Maintenance Description: While designing main aim


1. Parts and features

a.) Pump 1 Hp Normal 3 phase

b.) Controller Size 500x500x300 mm

c.) Solar polycrystalline panel – 5 Nos. as per initial

investment capacity and can be increase in future

same can use for above capacity pump

d.) If water flow is insufficient small storage tank above

pump and flow can manage

e.) Trolley for carrying panel, Pump and controller

f.) Space for pump in trolley mounting permanent type

Space for controller in trolley permanent type

g.) Mounting arrangement for panel on trolley such as after

use it can folded one above other without dissemble

h.) Junction box between panel and controller

i.) just pin in and start work and pin out after completion of


j.) trolley can move manually or with help of vehicle or

motorcycle / scooter

k.) Trolley With 2 or 4 Wheels( Legs )

l.) Small storage tank optional

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