PIMP MY (solar) PUMP
A design solution that could highlight the concept of flexibility, functionality and cheapness.



Considering the above-mentioned project restraints, we have decided to exploit an approach that could highlight the concept of flexibility, both in a functional, design and constructive point of view, and consequently originates a system able to link the time dimension to the space one. This system is composed of many features that may be used together according to the farmer’s needs and economical and operational requirements. For example, we have taken into consideration the variability factors like the distance between the farmer’s home and the cultivated field, the possibility to use the stored energy also for other activities or even for domestic usage, the spending power that could change over time and consequently creating a different combination of the structure elements.

In this context, we have also imagined a solution able to allow the usage of simple technologies and processing as well as the possibility of recycling, if possible, pieces of equipment that are already owned by the farmer (ex: wheels, irrigation pipes ...).

The solutions we intend to propose are therefore composed of principal essential elements (panel and pump) that are commercially available, thus, they are certified by the respective manufacturers as well as the responsible institutions (IMQ).

Another important aspect that we think it is worth to consider is that one of trying to optimize the functionality of the panels during the course of the years; this aspect may be fulfilled assuming a solution that applies the principles of the sundial by refreshing, in an original way, the functional component of the gnomon.

The system is composed of the following elements: 

- three or five solar panels;
-  many kinds of pumps able of high or low suction, as needed;
- one or two instruments for reeling in the irrigation pipes;
-  a pipe for the suction process;
- one or two batteries (multifunctional item: it can be used both as alternative   alimentation for the pump and second source of energy for domestic use or in other environments) with electrical equipment included;
-  a gnomon to facilitate the position and improve the pump performance.

Considering this assumptions and project limits, we have thought a primary solution that fulfills the minimal needs for performance and expenses as well as a full-optional solution that may be necessary to satisfy more complex performances, with higher costs related to the set of functions.

The primary solution, the pump with three solar panels, costs between 860,00$ and 1400,00$ (panels and functional equipment). We will depict more deeply the structure of the basic pump in the next paragraphs.

We know that a social innovation project, like the one you ask for, needs a double cultural effort that can be visible both in the proposal of a new supplying water concept and the project of a new  flexible object; we are also aware that Greenpeace represents the most relevant institution for carrying out this meaningful change.