R2H2 The Human Energy Powered Portable Pump.


R2H2 is a flexible and portable irrigation pump. The Energy requered, will be provided by human: cycling or on the motorcycle. Fuel free or less! Cycling energy without any CO2 emission. Energy delivered by motorcycle with low CO2 emission and in the future provided by electric motorcycles with zero CO2 emission.

Task Definition.

R2H2 is a rollerpath combined with a pump. The pump is one of the rollers. The roller pump and a second roller is fixed in to a framework made of stainless steel or composite, free from maintenance. R2H2 is fixed to a tube which led to a reservoir from zero to 5m beneath ground level . On the other side the tube is fixed to the area which need to be irrigated. R2H2 is smart. It uses materials and elements in more than one way: the tube is part of the frame.

R2H2 is THE innovative solution for human energy powered portable and sustainable water pump. Reliable, theft preventative and easy to transport and store.