solar stirling pump
that we use solar stirling engine that is used to rotate mechanical pump to supply water to ground.


In order to satisfy the rising energy demands of global consumption, a new cleaner and renewable power source needs to be explored, conceptualized, and developed. Solar energy is a free and clean energy resource which can be used to generate power without damage to humans or the local ecosystems. To efficiently capture this solar energy as a feasible power source, a Stirling engine will be developed and will use sunlight as a source via a solar concentrator. This project intends to utilize methods of gathering solar energy that have not yet been commercially implemented, and modifications to traditional Stirling engines will be made in order to maximize the efficiency of solar Stirling engines. These modified solar Stirling engines can produce power for a wide variety of applications. The nature of the engine allows for both the scalability to create a solar farm as well as use for producing power in remote areas and disaster relief.

A Beta Stirling Engine configuration uses one cylinder which houses both the power and displacement piston. The displacer piston purpose is to shuffle the air between the hot end and the cold end while not extracting any power from the expanding gas.