Solar Reach - Kenji Eu + Jesse Leeworthy
Solar Reach is an off-road solar pumping system equipped with the necessities of rural farming.


Solar Reach is an off-road solar pumping system equipped with the necessities of farming and irrigation. It's slim design is complemented by its ability to prevent theft and vandalism whilst being able to attach to a horse, cow or even be towed by humans. The trailer boasts it's ability to attach a third wheel to the front to allow for refined maneuverability and balance. 

The 6 solar panels can be deployed by one person and folded away to protect the panels from extreme weather conditions, vandalism or theft. 
The system contains a submersible pump, 4 x Deep cycle 65Ah Batteries (for baseline and additional storage), 6 x 285W Solar panels and boasts a flow rate of 40m3 per hour.

 Unfortunately the Solar panels, pump, batteries etc all have their toll on the environment.  In order to achieve a more environmentally friendly system than the one that is currently being used we have gone with solar. Including batteries will not only allow user confidence (allowing access to water when there is no sun) but it may provide lighting (for studying, cooking etc.) and provide other social benefits to areas with limited to no power. We are also hoping to provide this system without batteries altogether as a base line product - which would in turn be a more environmentally friendly option again.

Components have been quoted and sourced locally in India where possible. 

The next step:
The system is currently undergoing concept refinement before the detailed design phase is commenced. This stage aims to reduce the size of the trailer, reduce the size of the RHS and angle iron incorporated to reduce cost. This will allow for the pumping performance to be up-specified and optimized.

Product Design Engineers
Kenji Eu
Jesse Leeworthy