Energy [R]evolution: A Watershed Moment in India

Can your design replace dirty diesel pumps in the fields of India? €30,000 prize pool

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Breakdown of incomming solar radiation bigger
Breakdown of incomming solar radiationThird-party material : Wikipedia
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solar energy distributionThird-party material : Wikipedia
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Block Diagram of the e-Rigation ProjectThird-party material : © Shubham Srivastava
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Mirror arrangement to boost the output power
120watt monocrystalline solar panel bigger
Solar Panels attached with fold-able mirrors to focus more solar radiation towards solar cells for boosting the output power and water sprinklers to cool down the panels from overheatingThird-party material : © Shubham Srivastava
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Solar Tracking System
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Power vs time graph representing power boost up due to additional of solar tracker and mirrors on solar panels
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Solar panel datasheetThird-party material : Alpex solar
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e-Rigation project blueprintThird-party material : © Shubham Srivastava
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Motoring power calculationThird-party material :
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PMDC Motor Specification rangesThird-party material :
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Pictorial representation of project and the components used in it.
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8051 microcontroller setupThird-party material : Google
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Portability of the e-Rigation project
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e-Rigation Project (© Shubham Srivastava)
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Download Original
e-Rigation Project Third-party material : © Shubham Srivastava


This project called e-Rigation consist of microcontroller & PMDC motor for Efficient irrigation

This project involves microcontroller with the conventional solar panels for irrigation system. 

the solar tracker as well as mirrors on solar panel help in increase in the efficiency of solar cells thus the output of solar panel increases.

this is a youtube video showing how solar panel power can be boosted up through mirrors.

the system is microcontroller controlled, which helps in automatic irrigation and water management.
sensors interfaced with 8051 microcontroller controls the amount of water to be delivered to the field making it totally automatic and most efficient system for irrigation.

The extra energy is also stored in a Lead Acid Battery and provide electricity to the farmer's home.
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