Mini solar chimney
A mini and adapted version of the solar chimney that combines four mechanical effects.




The mini solar chimney is a relatively low-tech,  design that takes advantage of an innovative combination of mechanical effects that, in synergy, will provide aspiration of water through a gear pump. It is a simple and adapted version of the solar tower by Alain Coustou. It combines the greenhouse effect, chimney effect (convection), venturi effect and vortex effect in a single chimney to activate a wind turbine located at the top. The turbine directly drives a gear pump.  No electricity is involved to keep it as low-tech and simple as possible.

It uses locally available and recycled materials and only simple craftsmanship, in addition to small industrial turbine and pump.  Among other things, it uses a  widely available waste product, water bottles, and turn them into a useful device that can easily be assembled by anybody. The four components of the chimney are easily assembled on site to each other.

Components :

1.    Funnel-shaped tin base, with internal air deflectors. There is an opening for air entry all around the bottom of the base perimeter. The exterior walls are painted black to add to the warming up of the air, already warmed by the greenhouse collectors at the base (see below), so as to accelerate the convective air flow. The tangential deflectors initiate the rotary movement of the air at the base of the chimney. The upward deflectors help to funnel the air flow to geenerate  the Venturi effect inside the base, which still accelerates the air flow. The whole chimney is supported on the ground by the buttresses-like tangential deflectors.

2.    The chimney column is made of a simple black PVC drainage pipe, inserted in a sleeve at the top of the base. This is a vortex tower where the air flow is again accelerated through the vortex effect, initiated by the tangential deflectors in the base, up to the top of the chimney. A wind turbine at the top, attached to the pipe wall, is activated by the vortex / upward hot air flow.

3.      Micro greenhouses : around the base, air collectors are made up of empty P.E.T. water or soda bottles, laying on a heat absorbing black surface. The top and bottom of the bottles are cut off, and then, the bottles are assembled into tubes by inserted the cut bottle necks in the back of the other bottle until a tight fit.  These tubes can be expanded and made as long as desired if space is available.  They can be pre-asembled in modules or assembled on site. The longer the tubes, the more the greenhouse effect will warm up the air to initiate the air convection movement into the chimney. The end of the tubes are inserted into the air entry openings at the base of the chimney. The whole layout of the collectors is flexible and can be adapted to each situation and site, according to available material, space and sun/shade areas to get as much sun radiation as possible to the micro greenhouses.

4.      Gear pump : a plumbing snake transfer the movement of the turbine to a gear pump located at the base of the chimney.