Green self energy
Green self energy is based on a principal of Hydro power, but here electricity is not produced.


My idea is not yet developed just it is a concept on paper. 

Process: My design is as shown in the figure.
Required material: A water tank, 3 pipes with different sizes and shapes, motor, fan.
Working: Tank should be filled with water (manually / energy sources ), this tank is placed near well/pounds/near water sources and a pipe is fixed in the middle of the tank to the ground (positioning  into the well/pound(other side)). This pipe as two difference one is half part of the pipe is closed, which is fixed to the tank in middle (to flow water only half of the pipe diameter) and another difference is, in the middle of the pipe is open (only top portion of the pipe is open) as shown in the figure.  
A motor is placed near to the open pipe (only top portion of the pipe) with fan attached to it (motor) , just like generators placed on the flowing water, here same concept is used when water released from the tank it enter through half mouth pipe which is fixed to the tank and this water flows through the pipe, when this water reaches the top portion open pipe the flow of water touches the fan forcefully to rotate motor which is fixed to fan. At the end this flow flows into the well/pound.
Water from downwards to up wards:
                Motor foot ball is placed into the well/pound, it will lift the water from down wards to up wards by the rotation of motor forcefully. Foot ball pipe / motor pipe is placed on top of the tank (lifted water again falls in to the tank) and at the bottom of the tank there will be small pipe (small when compare with motor pipe and main pipe), from this water flows into the fields.
This devices can move one place to another place easily (by removing parts to parts (tank also divided in to 3/4 parts , to carry easily)) .
 It depends on the field size and our capacity to built
For example: If we want flow of water slowly, then we can go for small capacities and for fast flow we can go greater capacities.
sorry  i don't know exact calculations I need some technical help.
For this design to work we don't want solar / wind / biomass ... energies.
Only disadvantage is filling the tank with water first time.
we should change the water twice in a month or as user likes.