Water bomb
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This concept works on the fact that a molecule of water exist out of two different elements: hydrogen and oxygen. These elements can be derived from water by the mean of electrolysis. Because hydrogen is about 14 times lighter then air the hydrogen will stream upwards when released into the air through convection. The energy that is takes to split the water molecules comes from a generator that works on burning the hydrogen which will have pure water as output!

 But because it is still very hard or rather impossible to make a perpetual system (constantly moving without adding energy), some “starters” are needed. These can be a solar system, a sun tower or a windmill: everything that will deliver a bit of juice to overcome the friction that is within the system.


Component A. Energy source

The primary energy source is the sun (photons, heat, etc.), wind or anything else that is able to deliver a small amount of electrical energy. The rest is done by a generator that burns the hydrogen (fuel cell?). The output is electricity, warmth and water!


Component B. Convector

In this combination the convector is the device that delivers the small amount of energy that is needed to overcome the friction or energy loss within the overall system.


Component C. Transmission

Transmission is achieved by convection. Hydrogen is 14 times lighter than air and will lift because the heavier air will come underneath the hydrogen molecules and push them upwards.


SWOT analysis



- No moving parts

- Costs

- Maintenance free

- Risk of explosions

- Generator may function as battery charger (phones, lights, radio’s, etc.)

- Flow rate unknown

- Sun does not has to shine continuously

- Theft risk because of high value components

- Wind does not has to blow continuously


- Independent from sun position during day






- Dept of well is almost not limited

- Costs

- Generator can be multifunctional

- Safety aspects


 See also: https://greenpeacechallenge.jovoto.com/ideas/31772/