Irigo Hydrogen Water Pump
Irigo Water Pump was designed to reduce diesel fuels while maintaining the users current practices


The Irigo Water Pump was a small team effort to develop a system that would begin to reduce the worlds dependency on diesel and other petroleum based products.  The water pump runs off of hydrogen pellets that store energy and release when heated. Once heated, the hydrogen gas can then be used in existing motors with minor modifications to the injection system.

The technology was chosen specifically because of energy efficiency, projected cost, and most importantly, very little alteration to the users current methods. The design is easily portable and weighs approximately 50lbs. The handles were designed using anthropometric data and tested to reduce injury. 

Lastly, the solution was directed towards Bihar in north east India but we also took in account that this product could be designed for anyone in any region. The styling was designed with manufacturing cost in mind and working on keeping it under $1500. We feel that this is a great product that could be used in India, Asia, Africa and anywhere else across the globe.