MOPPS2 - Mobile Open Source PV Pump System
10 l/s high performance pump for 6 m head with cart-mounted 1 kW array; no battery, no electronics


The idea is to apply the keep-it simple principle and to optimize the following: flow rate, simplicity, high efficiency. With 10 l / s this is one of the highest performing designs. This is possible with a very good DC motor, a pump head optimized for 5-6 m while still working with a 1-1.2 kW PV array. There is no electronics and no electricity storage because this adds complexity and costs. The system voltage is <40 V which reduces the risk of deadly electric shocks. The 1 Lakh goal is reached with a slightly optimized design and with buying components in bulk. The advantage of the high flow rate is that one system can be shared between farmers or can be the base of a small watering business. The idea should be developed further as an open source project and I encourage everyone to contribute by contacting me.