MOTOR GENERATOR principle pump
This pump is portable detachable and can be carried on a cycle and cab powered by cycle .



CONCEPT : This renewable energy pump consists of the following parts.

1.DC motor  M1

2.DC motor  M2





FUNCTIONING : This pump uses no electricity ,but uses the principle of motor and generator i.e, a DC motor runs when the power is given to its terminals as well generates e.m.f when its shaft is rotated.

Using this principle this punp functions.

As shown in the diagram The terminals of  Motor M1 and Motor M2 are connected in parallel i.e when the shaft of motor M2 is rotated it acts as GENERATOR and gives supply to Motor M1 there by Motor M1 rotates .

As Motor M1 is coupled to PUMP this pump starts functioning and SUCKSwater from datum and DELIVERS to the fields.

ALL these motorM1,motor M2,Pump are housed in a HOUSING with a Handle to carry to any desired place.

The shaft of MOTOR M2 is connected to a DISC. When we rotate this disc the pump functions with the above said principle.

1.The disc can be connected to a cycle to rotate.

2.T he disc can be rotated by hand with a handle.