portable solar pump
A portable solar model to suite the conditions in Bihar.



The following attachment shows our designed model . To meet the requirements mentioned in the challenge we considered it is best under the Bihar conditions to opt for a solar model. . In India the solar radiation is approximately around 6 to 7 hours every day neglecting rainy season where we have only 4 to 5 hours.Our solar model is a sliding model, a panel will be introduced in the centre of a frame and the panels slide to either end’s. Such a way all the five panels can be put in a metal frame, which is supported by supporting bars. This installation is mounted on a trolley to carry it far and only the frame with supporting’s will be installed. The panels can be mounted whenever required, till then they are piled on the trolley. Inside the trolley an inverter and pump are placed. The pump is operated from the inside.

·         The pump is portable , it can be transported by removing the frame and all the panels can be carried into house along with motor and inverter. It prevents theft.

·         It can be locally serviceable as the motor and inverter used are standard locally available products.

·         It is efficient to deliver water to one hector of land as the water required for one hector of land for paddy is around 1,07,500 (reference: http://www.agriinfo.in/?page=topic&superid=1&topicid=16) which can be meet in maximum of four hours of time.

·         If the rating of motor is to be increased, the no. of panels has to be increased and the frame is adjustable such that it can hold to about 7 panels.


It is an electrical 3-phase standards pump. The power required by the pump is 1.5kwh and the pump is a 2 H.P pump. It discharges about 20 liters per sec. The height can vary from 5 to 10m in depth. So, This pump of 2 H.P is highly capable of delivering water to 1 hector of land from a depth of 5m meeting the constraints.

The 2 H.P pump which we have chosen is a standard pump as any innovations new to the market cannot be repairable in the locality of Bihar. This pump can be carried anywhere and though the trolley cannot be taken inside the house, the panels, pump’s and inverter can be taken and as these are the important and costly parts we are providing a complete theft prevention. 


When we require 1.5kwh of power to run a pump all the power has to be generated from the panels. We have considered 5 panels each of 300 watts capacity are to be placed as our required inclination.


The cost of making as suggested in the http://www.solarpowerenergyindia.com/dealer%20price%20list.pdf 5 panels of 300watts cost 69,000. The pump alone will cost ranging from 7000 to 9000 referred from http://www.cgglobal.com/image/consumerproduct/productdocs/MB%20SeriesEnglish.PDF. A solar inverter will be 9900. http://www.solarpowerenergyindia.com/solar-inverter.php.

The designing cost with tyres will be in and around 10,000. The total amount required will be 96,900 which is affordable by the farmer as its life is about 25 years.

This is easily accessible as the farmer has to only place the panels, slide the panels and connect some wires.  It is very cheap and affordable as we have used  all standard models it is very close to working conditions. There are no constraints which we haven’t addressed.