Artificial Vortex (ArVo) Power
In ArVo, KE of flowing water is concentrated using a powerful water vortex in a rotation tank


   This technology is aimed at irrigation purposes from a canal system. Bihar, as the case taken in this challenge, has 15 Irrigation canal schemes for supporting the agriculture of the state. The original idea was developed for the purpose of power generation. Artificial  Vortex  (ArVo)  Power  Generation  is  an  innovative  run-of-the-river  (without  dams) hydroelectric power generation scheme that effectively extracts kinetic energy from flowing water producing 100% green electricity. By using vortices the flow and head requirements for power generation is brought down remarkably. ArVo  power  generation  scheme  utilizes  the  natural  tendency  of  whirlpool  formation  of  fluids  by defining  a  new  flow-path  thereby  causing  a  turbulent  spiral  movement  of  fluid  layers.  In ArVo power generation the kinetic energy of flowing water is concentrated using a powerful gravitation water vortex in a rotation tank (ArVo tank). This kinetic energy is focused as rotation energy to the turbine which is coupled to an electric generator to produce electric power.

The requirements to set up an ArVo plant is available at every canal fall and there would be many such falls in every canal system. Click here to see the working of an ArVo power plant at a canal fall in Kerala having a head of 70cm. Such a plant can be utilized for power generation that could in-turn be utilized to run an electric pump-set.

Alternatively, this basic technology can be redesigned so as to use the rotational power of turbine directly to run a piston or an impeller of a pump-set by means of gears. Such a design will be recommended as the losses owing to conversion of mechanical power to electrical and back to mechanical can be reduced.

This technology can be utilized in a smaller format so as to attach it to the outlet of a conventional pump-set to improve the overall efficiency of the arrangement. Such an arrangement will be portable. The other requirements (Robust and locally serviceable,Cheap enough to be able to compete,Sufficient pumping performance to water a typical small plot) are met by this technology in its present format.
The other features of this technology is as below,

  • Requires only low cost and low lead time
  • Eco friendly with a few environmental virtues
  • The minimum head requirement is about 0.7 m
  • The minimum flow rate required is as low as 20 litres per second
  • Aerates the water naturally to support the self-purification of water with microorganisms and water plants
  • Reduced wear and tear for turbine bearing because of uniform loading along the circumference of the turbine

See the working of the technology in the following links.