Pipe type heat expansion pump
Very low maintenance low cost , Discharge capacity 0.5 to 1 liters/second and no solar panels .


The design has been inspired from objects like Solar cooker and an umbrella used to work with the concept of air expansion.

The Predicted capacity of pumping is 0.5 to 1 liters per second(optimization can increase it  further).Cost of manufacturing a complete unit for a hector of land would be a maximum of INR. 35000/-.

It works on the principle of water being displaced upwards by an expanding balloon/bellow due to increasing temperature of air inside using solar heat.

The cloth based reflector opens like an umbrella to create a very large low cost reflector. A modular set of transparent plastic/pvc pipes which works as a solar heat retainers(like the solar cooker) contain pipe shaped heat expansion bellows.
The objective of using a pipe shape is to use the  same design for a subordinate water transportation system of pipes to transport water without losses over large distances.Imagine a pipe that transports water on its own without a pump, the pipe is designed to act a pump and the cost of the pump is saved with a slightly more expensive per meter pipe.

Assembly of three plastic/PVC pipes of approx 2 meters each containing compressed air heat expansion bellows( no metal parts) are light weight and can be easily transported after dis-assembly.The cloth based reflector can easily be folded and transported along with pipe sections,(complete assembly will weigh half of that of metal pumps of similar capacity).

Depending upon the vertical depth of the water level required to be pumped the number of modular pipe sections can be bought optimizing cost for the customer's requirement.Also we are looking at direct implementation of subordinate pipe system for river bed sources where the vertical pumping is not required.

Further development could include a system to remover heat for faster contraction of the bellow/balloon and generate small amount of electricity as a byproduct.