With a simple movement of the commutator is possible to have alternatively the pump operation and the cargo’s moving. This system involves obvious benefits on human efforts, time’s advantages, economic and ecological profits. It’s a simple and solid


-The photovoltaic panel is assembled on the top of the cargo’s  caisson; it’s hinged on one side with the possibility to be lifted with a metallic support. In this way  it’s better to pick up the sunlight.

The photovoltaic panel produces electric energy  that arrives to the voltage regulator, than to the commutator and, at the end, to the motor.

-The commmutator is assembled on the handlebar. It inverts the power polarity that arrives to the mover. So the commutator inverts the motor axis’s rotation.

-Our motor is   1.5HP, 1.1KW.

On the motor axis there are assembled two bike  crowns with a smaller diameter than the one placed on the pump axis and the one situated on the cargo. The crowns transmit the movement through two bike chains that connect the motor to the bike  crown and the mover to the pump.

-The centrifugal pump isn’t a submerged one.

We consider that the flow is.

The pump is connected to the motor with a chain drive and a gear with a freewheel mechanism.

In addition is provided a pipe duct with a non-return valve at the end.