Through Concentrate Solar PV
Cheap portable solar through system, for home use and irrigation..


This system is use a through parabolic concentrate the Sun energy to produce electric city to pump water for irrigation.

If set up this system at home, it could produce hoot water for home use too.

The reflector make of Aluminum plastic film or aluminum paper,

The Parabolic through concentrates 10 times of Sun energy to the solar cell tube.

Efficiency of reflector film is about 75%

Parabolic through size 250cm X 300cm, Height 200cm (foldable)

The cell tube is make from mono cell install on a strong aluminum pine with glass protection, and has the water through in for cooling.

cell tube size is 25cm X 300cm and output about 550w.

The frame make from steel, wood, or bamboo. (foldable)

Frame and Aluminum plastic film could fold to a small space, easy transport, with a small cart.

this system use electronic tracking.

tracking driven by a 10w DC gear box motor, controlling by tracking sensor system.

Pumps system

Motor driven pump 48V500w BLDC gear box motor.

1. Piston pump (use for compress the air to pulse the water or suction water), piston diameter 150mm, cylinder long 250mm (no check valve)

2. Cylinder in the well, diameter 90mm, long 1200mm (no piston, had 4 check valves)

If pump the water less than 5m depth, use the piton suck the water directly,

 Connect 2 pines from piston pump to the Cylinder in the well, pine diameter 34mm.

If pump the water more than 5m depth, use the piston pump compress the air to pulse the water in the Cylinder in the well, connect 2 air pine from the piston pump to the Cylinder in the well, air pine diameter 10mm.

Use compress air to pulse water, could pulse the water in the well more than 10m depth to the ground, but the efficiency is lower than suck the water directly.

Use compress air to pump the water, the piston always clean, no dust no sand into the piston, could use longer.

(how to pump the water by air see more in Hybrid Daichi pump)

Pumps calculate:

Let calculate 500w electric power

500w electric power could produce to 410w mechanics power (with BLDC motor efficiency 82%)

410w mechanics power could pump water 12.000L from 5m depth (piston compress air to pulse water, efficiency 40%)

Or 16.000L from 5m depth (suction water directly, efficiency 55%)

So a day could pump water about 60.000L to 80.000L

 Cost of solar and pump:

  1. Solar cell tube 120usd 
  2. Tracking system  50usd
  3. 48V500w BLDC gear motor and controller 180usd

  4. Pump mechanic 60usd

  5.  Frame  100usd

  6. Aluminum plastic film 20usd

  7. 12V12A battery 20usd (for tracking system)

  8. Total 550usd (not including cart and drip irrigation system)