- low temperature stirling engine - no electricity, Inverter or high-tech electronics necessary


Dear ladies and gentlemen,


we herewith submit our proposal for your challenge "Energy [R]evolution: Clean Pumping".

The main emphasis of our "SUNPULSE" solar water pump development was to create a robust, efficient and nevertheless simple and reliable system. We have been pioneering the development of low temperature stirling engines for many years and present with the "SUNPULSE 150" a mobile solar water pump, as requested.

The "SUNPULSE" stirling engine including different sizes (from the SUNPULSE 150 with 150 Watts of hydraulic power to the SUNPULSE 500 and the SUNPULSE 1500) is developed to the laboratory demonstration stage. Our company philosophy includes the license production through selcected partners in the different parts of the world. It is important for us, that such partners are strongly committed to create structures, including stable and human employment serving the rural sector of their respective countries.

Please notice also, that the SUNPULSE engine completed with a simple hot water storage bears also the potential of creating local autonomy not only for water pumping but also for small, modular extendible solar power stations to create electricity and mechanical power around the clock.


Please also watch the movie.


With kind regards

Frank Steinhart

"for sun-orbit"