Avatar- mobile solar pump
Avatar is a tri-cycle based affordable, plug-n-play solar pump suitable for rural irrigation.


Developing countries often face food deficit problems due to inadequate production of food. They have to rely on foreign exports to meet the demand. It not only poses a problem for a typical farmer but also to the end customer who faces food inflation.

Energy is the enabling factor for carrying out any mechanized farming activity. Diesel is often used as a fuel source to power farm equipment. Irrigation is one of the most important factors that determine crop produce. Most of the geographies rely upon pumping in order to cater to this requirement. With shortage of fuel supply and hence diesel prices, the agrarian population has been facing problems in terms of farm irrigation. Further, the conventional fuel has a large carbon footprint.

With dropping solar prices and the technology becoming more accessible, solar pumps are gaining traction. However, for a common man, the technology is not yet affordable enough. We at Ecozen Solutions have created a novel technique to have mobile solar pumps. The frugal design has multitudes of advantages and comes at an affordable price.

The simple design is coupled with our efficient engineering techniques. A unit can now be afforded by a farmer. It can also be used a community model wherein a village level entrepreneur can easily lease the pump out at local location. All it requires is having a ground bore for pumping water.

The plug-and-play facility makes the unit highly flexible in terms of usage, geography of operation, time of year and more.

The unit basically contains solar panels, a 1-hp surface pump, a pump controller mounted ergonomically over a tri-cycle. The components are well protected against any theft- with anti-theft bolting protection. The tri-cycle can be transported to any location like a normal one. A pipe connection is all one has to do to start the pump.