Portable Green Water Pump
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Product Design:-
The product features a quick installation at the operating site.
It can be operated with minimal knowledge, so no extra skill is required.
It has manual solar tracking system which provides high efficiency, longer working hours and simplicity to the system.
The frame is made up of metal which is robust and provides durability to design.
The structure resembles a four wheeled cart, which is light weight and makes the product highly portable.
The simple structure of cart is easy to repair and is locally serviceable.
The trolley serves the dual purpose i.e. as trolley as well as stand for plates.

Product characteristics:-
The four wheeled structure provides high weight carrying capacity of the trolley.
1Hp motor provides suction capacity of 18m and water flow rate of 20,000lt/hr at 5m head, which is sufficient to irrigate 1 hectare of field in one day.
The product has over-satisfied solar power of 1000W for 1Hp motor, which provides longer working hours of motor in a day, does not require battery system or charge controller or rigid solar tracking.
Due to 1000W plates, the product has more than 10yrs of working life as solar plates efficiency decreases to as low as 80%.
The motor outputs water even when solar power comes down to 170W with 6120lt/hr.
The motor is protected against dry operation through intelligent inverter system.
The inverter has MPPT (maximum power point tracking) and VFD (variable frequency drive) which makes the motor run in cloudy days.
Solar inverter has a alarm system which informs the operator to readjust the panels manually, when the motor is getting lower power than specified

Product price:-
The product has no running cost and very low maintenance cost.
It requires only one-time investment on solar plates and system.

Product additional facility:-
The AC motor provides the added feature of running the motor on grid power.
The inverter can provide both AC or DC source, so both AC or high efficiency BLDC motors can be run through it.
DC ports in inverter can be used for charging mobile or running fan at the operating site.
It solar plates can also be used for domestic purpose such as charging battery, lighting etc.
The empty space in the base can be used for carrying goods/items.

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