Gute Ideen für Berlin

Together with you, the Berliner Sparkasse wants to implement meaningful ideas that are good for Berlin!

€16,000prize pool

Together with you, the Berliner Sparkasse wants to implement meaningful ideas that are good for Berlin!


The Sparkassen (Savings Banks) in Germany
The first Sparkassen banks in Germany were established in the 19th century in order to allow people on low incomes to safely deposit even the smallest amounts of savings for their future, with the opportunity to earn interest. The German Sparkassen banks are public-sector credit institutes and closely connected with their regions. A responsibility for society and the economy is firmly anchored in the statutes of the Sparkassen, a fact that is reflected in the claim “Sparkassen. Gut für Deutschland” (Sparkassen. Good for Germany). 

Berliner Sparkasse
As the German capital’s Sparkasse, the Berliner Sparkasse plays a key role. For almost 200 years it has been fulfilling its public-sector task and as a modern provider offers its customers the entire range of financial services. Almost every second Berliner holds an account with the Berliner Sparkasse. Its social commitment and that of its more than 4000 employees for their city and its residents also make it unique – beyond their function at the bank, many of them participate in voluntary work for different projects within the city. This is a reflection of the Sparkassen claim: “Berliner Sparkasse. Gut für Berlin.” (Berliner Sparkasse. Good for Berlin).


The Berliner Sparkasse wants to follow new paths and is looking for unusual ideas that bring life to the claim “Gut für Berlin” (Good for Berlin) and make it visible. Instead of simply spending a big budget on classic advertising, the Berliner Sparkasse has decided that it would rather invest in meaningful ideas for Berlin. It is therefore very important how the Berliner Sparkasse is depicted.

Task Definition

Develop ideas that are “Gut für Berlin” (Good for Berlin) and make the Berliner Sparkasse visible in the city in the long term.

Please note the following framework conditions:
a) Purpose
Your campaign must be meaningful and “good for Berlin”:
You can define what “good for Berlin” means.

b) Visibility
Your campaign must make the Berliner Sparkasse visible. 

c) Sustainability
Ideally, your idea should be sustainable in the sense of effective in the long term. This can be achieved just as well with an original, one-off campaign as with an idea that has a long-term strategy.

d) Viability
Your idea must be viable and should not cost more than €200,000 per year. The more people you reach with your idea, the better. Either by them directly profiting from your idea or by them noticing your campaign.

The more specifically you formulate and develop your idea, the easier it will be for the jury to evaluate whether it is viable and fulfils its criteria. It’s up to you how and with how many charts you depict your idea – but in all cases the central tenets of your concept should be summarized and depicted in one chart.

Target Group

The target groups of your campaign are

  • all Berliners
  • all customers of the Berliner Sparkasse
  • all employees of the Berliner Sparkasse (see ‘Background information’)
  • and of course all the people who will profit directly from your idea (children, artists, company founders, etc.)


  • meaningful
  • innovative
  • positive attitude to life
  • personal
  • committed 
  • collaborative

Mandatory requirements

  • You should show how the Berliner Sparkasse is depicted in your idea: will the color of the bank’s corporate design be used or will there be a small sign representing the Berliner Sparkasse as the initiator? 
  • In order to be in with a chance of being chosen and implemented, your idea must be unique and clearly stand out from the activities of other companies, especially other banks.
  • The Berliner Sparkasse is open to actively integrating the providers of ideas in their implementation.

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Dear All,

welcome to this great and meaningful project!

We are honored to run this project with Berliner Sparkasse, exited start today and can't wait to see your outstanding ideas!

Are you going to create awesome playgrounds, startup-lounges, or red bike helmets? Are going to focus on Start-Ups or children in poor neighbourhoods? What is your outstanding idea that is good for Berlin?

Lets have a great time in this project, together!

Yours Jesko

Sounding great indeed! What project category is this, open or private?

Yes, indeed, great task! Why is not marked as open or private layer? Like old times...:)

Dear Janne and dear additio!

Welcome! Yes, we spend a lot of time setting up this project and are extremely happy to start this great and meaningful challenge today.

This project is public. (Sorry – We are aware that we should definetly mark the project category clearer. I just spoke to Loren today, that is working on our freaking awesome redesign to have a clear visual guidance system. = )

Exited what you will be coming up with and best from Berlin!

Yours Jesko

This is such an awesome challenge... !!! Let's make it happen! :)))

Hi is it open for international creatives? and what is the type of deliverables? PDF? video?...

Image formats: PNG, PDF, JPG and GIF. PNG guarantees best quality. (Maximum size: 20MB) Image sizes: Images should be uploaded at a minimum of 1000x1000px. Video formats: MPEG, MOV, MP4, AVI and WMV. (Maximum size: 250MB) Audio formats: MP3, OGG, AIFF and WAV. (Maximum size: 20MB)

remake1990 - yes, of course it is! And thank you additio for the details :)

What is this – I don’t even … this Project is so vague and self-contradictory that it makes no sense.

So let me get this straight – first, the Task. The Client wants a campaign that benefits Berlin residents? Second, they’re willing to pay maximum 2K Euro per Category for a project that will cost maximum 200K Euro per year? What part of these two makes sense for any Designer as a Commission?

What is beneficial to all age groups? Here’s an idea – jobs, and the money it makes. If the Client wants to be beneficial to Berlin, create a job that pays 200K per year and use the hired employee as living billboard.

200K Euro is 100 times the individual prize money of this Project, so if they want something tangible and appealing to kids and their parents, start a Monthly Mural Design Competition in Berlin Schools with the same prize money they’re shelling out here – they can do 100 of those in a year. If they want it to appeal to employees, allow their children to enter. The winner gets to plaster their design on the Office walls for a whole month and get online credits.

Seriously, what can top that? It answers all the Requirement here, so how can a Designer win this Project when the solution is not even a design product? Either I’ve just won this, or someone needs to refine this so that its output can be objectively scored via tangible and empirical parameters.

If you'd submit this idea I'd vote for it!

Dear tomasowa,

Thanks for pointing out your concerns.

I think you got some core aspects of this project wrong. Berliner Sparkasse is NOT looking for a campaign here. The core idea of the project is just the other way round. They decided to spend the budget of classic advertisement in the city for ideas that are meaningful for Berlin. Meaningful and visible, purposeful and feasible.

Your idea to start a Monthly Mural Design Competition in Berlin Schools is of course one option of I think 1000 good ideas for Berlin. Just ask yourself if it has a core impact for Berlin and is "Good for Berlin".

I hope this helped you to understand the purpose and direction of this project.

Best from Berlin to Jarkarta, Yours Jesko

Thank you for the support, Javajim, and the explanation JeskoStoetzer – I think I may submit this idea then, gwahahaha.

That said, I still have my concerns as to the breadth of this. From my standpoint, there is still no campaign here - a pseudo-campaign in search of a campaign, maybe. There’s a campaign tagline, there’s a target demographic, and there’s a budget.

This means for every design, the designer will undoubtedly create a campaign in and around it. That isn’t the natural environment for most designers, and most importantly is there anything that a designer can create that can trump the same money allocated to social projects? And who’s to say social projects can’t become marketable, promotional platforms?

Say my idea, the Monthly Mural Design Contest for Berlin Schools – it was actually an abbreviated donkey bridge for a myriad of other intangible outcomes the money can be allocated to, all of which are not a design product. City scholarships, internships, arts and sports event creation and funding – these are campaigns per se, just as mine is, and all meet the Requirements. All of the aforementioned, and even job creation, can be highly visible if, say, turned into a reality show, promoted in the city and aired online.

So while I am grateful that you think my idea is suitable, it questions parameters for grading. The design community is product-oriented, as seen from Submitted Ideas, whereas those I talk about and that you also approve of aren’t. There is no physical manifestation, and without it, again, I wonder about breadth with its inclusion and the lack of limitation from the Brief.

Additionally, if hypothetically my donkey-bridge idea were to win, this would be a Competition that creates a Competition as a result - self-contradictory and more than a little confusing.

Dear tomasowa,

I am sorry to tell you that you got many core ideas of this project as well as the jovoto platform and community wrong.

This project is an innovative approach. Its about ideas that are good for Berlin. Its not about creating a campain. Its not a usual design task and Jovoto is not just about product design.

If you have further need for discussion – please post it in the support center.

You already took a lot of space here and I will have to move further dicussion from you to the support center. This space is not for personal discussion but for everybody – and questions and news for the briefing.

Hope you understand that.

Best from Berlin, Yours Jesko

Ah, not a problem – if my assumptions are wrong, then I’m the first to admit that I’m relieved. I have no more hesitation in posting my idea.

Apologies for the space – feel free to delete this thread.

Dear All,

There are 7 relevant and mandatory questions into your idea upload form now, that have not been displayed because of a bug.

These questions should help you to reflect and evaluate your idea – as well as let everyone understand your submission quickly. Secondly it helps the Jury a lot in evaluating and getting a quick overview.

Please answers these questions very much to the point and do not forget keep them updated.

Yours Jesko

  • Please describe your idea in one sentence.
  • Who will benefit from your idea, hence whom is your idea directed towards?
  • Why is your idea “good for Berlin”?
  • How many people do you think will benefit from your idea?
  • In what way does the Berliner Sparkasse gain visibility through your idea?
  • Which kind of people and how many of them will take notice of your campaign?
  • How much do you estimate the annual budget for the implementation of your idea to be?

Interesting to note that after a full day, no rebuttals are posted on your comment, which would make me assume it was a typo on your end.

As it stands, the sixth question, specifically says “Your Campaign”. I’d hate to be the one to go into English semantics, but isn’t the fact that we aren’t creating campaigns the whole underpinning argument why I was called out on my assessment prior?

Well, I only copied the questions. :) And campaign - could also be called a "project", something that runs under a certain name within the company. I think the brief is quite clear on the distinction between an advertising/ marketing campaign and an actual project to improve the city.

Thank you for that, BTW, as it seems they still won’t show up on my browser.

Well, no – the Brief remains vague for design products. As designers and business professionals, we understand all too well the difference. I don’t particularly have a problem with it, as I wrote before, but others will.

My point is simple – call it as it is. Clear guidelines help the designers as much as the client.

Dear tomasowa,

maybe you are just not used to such an open call and a wide range of ideas. For product design, campaigns or architecture the creative task and briefings are much more narrow.

Yours Jesko

I assure you, JeskoStoetzer, that based on portfolio, I am more used to it than you and most, in its true definition.

Hilarious to see this degrade to namecalling, when we know you are just the mouthpiece of the Project and none of my input was directly aimed at you, rather the mechanism by which this is judged and graded.

If you care to read, I have never stated any trouble with the Brief. I stated they are vague. Almost every sentence in Task definition says campaign, yet you claim there is no campaign creation. There are even guidelines on colour and logo placement, which would only mean something for design product output.

Why have a designer put so much effort into schematics if at the end of the day a campaign idea in words will suffice? Conversely why input on product design if a campaign is the goal? If two entrants have equally strong but equally imbalanced entries, one more campaign, the other more design, who would win out? Those were my questions all along, and it just staggers me to see you still could not get that.

But if this is only about having the last word, please, by all means. Enjoy.

I am sorry to see that you still get the project´s goal wrong. The aim of the projects to find ideas that are good for Berlin instead of spending the budget in advertising.

Meaningful and visible, purposeful and feasible. – Or unique, unconventional, humorous and original. Just as the Jury Awards say.

Hello! Very exciting! Very challenging ! Until now I still don't know how to start! And one more thing ... Can you provide the download material and helpful links in English? Because it is hard to understand correctly with just Google translate.

Indeed, this would be very helpful!

Dear LKK1511 & alexandru_coman,

thanks for being enthusiastic about "Good ideas for Berlin"!

We will get back to Berliner Sparkasse and ask if they can provide those information for you in english, or maybe an abstact with the main informtion.

@LKK1511: If you do not know where to start, just start with what you would think is really Good for poeple in Berlin and makes Berliner Sparkasse visible in the city.

Yours Jesko

That would be really great! :) Thank you Jesko!

I am sorry to tell you that these links do not have an english version, cause berliner Sparkasse is operating in Germany only. The project is simply about good ideas for berlin, so there´s no deep background research needed.

The links are just some very raw background info about Berliner Sparkasse that is in the english briefing text as well.

Yours Jesko

Thanks. One question ... My idea was written and provided mostly in English. Should I translate it into German with Google translate? Because i don't know whether that translate is correct or no?

Dear LKK1511,

if you have an english idea description that´s perfectly fine. = ) Google translate provides a rough translation with quite some mistakes, so just stay with your english one. = )

Yours Jesko

This really is!!! :))) Thanks for sharing this dear CrossTheLime! ;)

Glad you approve. :) I think the directions are vague enough to spark some ideas, without inviting to copy actual projects/ implementations.

One of the challenges of this project will probably be differentiating between original thoughts... and copied projects from around the world. Not that those cannot be awesome, too - but I much prefer the truly original sparks of creativity.

hi admin, If you mind, could you provide us all the download material in English because its really hard to understand German language. tyvm

Dear jamalbenamin,

we just asked Berliner Sparkasse if they could provide those information for you in english and will get back to you as soon as we have news.

Yours Jesko

Dear jamalbenamin,

I am sorry to tell you that these links do not have an english version, cause berliner Sparkasse is operating in Germany only. The links are just some very raw background info about Berliner Sparkasse that is in the english briefing text as well.

The project is simply about good ideas for berlin, so there´s no deep background research needed.

Yours Jesko

just one question :) Is it possible to receive from the jury also feedback from time to time to optimize the ideas? I think that could help everyone.

Looking at the jury.... probably not. :) It is something I have wished for in every single project, and that hardly ever happened. The halftime feedback is usually the most helpful part, though actual feedback on individual ideas - stemming from that halftime session - would just be awesome, too.

Dear mamma_mia, dear CrossTheLime,

indeed we always encourage the Jury to take an active part on the platform and try to provide continuous feedback, cause we know you appreciate that a lot. But still please understand, that they might be very busy – and will have a close look together with us in the halftime feedback, as well as the final presentation and Jury meeting.

The halftime feedback is scheduled for the 28th of April.

Yours Jesko

Guten Morgen Berlin!

Good "Morning", dear Aris! = )

Good Evening JeskoStoetzer with thanks a lot.

hallo, ich hab die letzten 2 stunden die anmeldung ausgefüllt, als ich auf abschicken gedrückt habe hies es ich hätte einen teil nicht ausgefüllt und alles was ich geschrieben habe war gelöscht, (ja ich hab die agb akzeptiert ) befor ich wieder 2 stunden schreibe wollte ich mal nachfragen was da schief gelaufen sein könnte?


Dear bustart,

I am sorry that you had problems with uploading your idea. I will PM you to understand the problem and find a quick solution.

Yours Jesko

Hey Tobi! Thanks for the inspiration! Wow – this huge palace looks like an awesome chnace for an outstanding coworking space! Connecting or creating Co-Working Spaces can be be an interesting idea for Berliner Sparkasse. If you feel like working in this direction what about teaming up with an idea that is about co-working spaces ? Best from Berlin an happy easter!

hiho, what about the halftime feedback? :D

Haha – I am currently working on the presentation for tomorrow. = )

Dear All,

we will meet the whole Jury tomorrow afternoon for the hafltime Feedback. We are exited to present them your ideas and will get back to you with their feedback as soon as possible.

Best from Berlin!

Yours Jesko

Hi Jesko, Wishing most ultra-modern Berlin in the day. Need Plan way all of Berliners work together.

Dear All,

we had an awesome Jury–meeting yesterday at Berliner Sparkasse!

The Jury as well as Berliner Sparkasse have been very happy about your ideas and we have been in enthusiastic discussions about some ideas already.

I will post a short overall halftime feedback on monday, since its working holidays today here in Berlin, and send a PM to all participants.

Have a beautiful day!

Yours Jesko

Would be awesome if there also is some feedback for individual ideas, and not just general remarks...?

Dear Cross the lime,

The main focus of halftime feedbacks is to guide the overall direction of the project but usually we try to provide single idea feedback, too. Here its more than 133 ideas now and the client was indeed happy – so there´s not so much feedback for single ideas.

Yours Jesko

Dear All,

here´s a short and enthusiastic halftime feedback. = )

Thanks a bunch for a wide range of ideas and your creative thinking from many different angles of "Good Ideas For Berlin!". Everyone of the Jury was impressed by this wide range of ideas, as well as enthusiastic about some really creative, meaningful or innovative approaches!

Please fine-tune your ideas until the submission deadline. The more specifically and to the point you formulate and present your idea, the easier it will be for the Jury to evaluate your idea – or get enthusiastic about it.

We will meet the Jury again for the final Jury Award decision at the end of the project. I guess it will be a very inspiring and intense discussion – and of course we will keep you updated to announce the Jury Awards shortly after the rating deadline.

It's still 2 weeks time until the submission deadline and we all are excited to see your ideas growing – as well as new outstanding ideas streaming in.

Best from Berlin!

Yours Jesko

I think i can write my question i do have right here under your message JeskoStoetzer: I am new on jovoto. 2 days ago i submitted my first idea. The competition was starting almost 1 month ago and ending in 2 weeks. For me as an architect - who is working on many competitions for architects - it's confusing why everybody can see already a TOP 20/Top50/Top100 folder while this competition is not over. There will be so called "Community prizes". Do i am right, that the best reviewd ideas getting these prizes? IF yes: This sounds not fair at all, because if someone uploaded his idea immediately after the competition was starting, he/her has a better chance to be already in these certain folders (and a better chance to be reviewed by others). On the other side: IF someone submit his idea shortly before deadline, he/her has no chance to get inside these TOP XX folders. In addition: Jovoto had already a "half-time meeting" with the jury, while there will be more attractive ideas coming until the deadline. Sounds also not fair for all new ideas. It should be going like this: there is a competition starting and ending. ONLY after the deadline the community has the possibility to review the entries (or even MUST review xx %). Only after the deadline and the reviewed ideas by the community there has to be a meeting with the jury. THIS is fair for everybody. BUT: Perhaps i do understand something wrong by all this? Please let me know.

Dear lecorb,

thanks for letting us know your concerns!

Be sure our aim is to provide best fairness for your ideas and submissions.

• No matter when you submit – of course we take ALL submissions into consideration and evaluation for the Jury decision. The halftime feedback usually provides directions for fine-tuning your submissions – this time the Jury and Client was just very happy so far. = )

• No matter when you submit, there is a rating online period of one week after the submission deadline. Usually during this time the amount of rating increases sigificantly – many creatives wait with their rating until the final update and submission deadline. We also experiences winning ideas that have been submitted very early as well as very late, because they were outstanding – no matter when they have been submitted.

Hope that helps you understand how it works. If you still have questions about this, please send me a private message to keep the briefing free for questions about the creative task.

Best from Berlin!

Yours Jesko

Hello Berlin and Jesko. I'm glad to meet you and send best greets from Brussels, Belgium (neighbours :-). I subscribed now and discover your project, unfortunately 5 days before the end. Nevertheless, I find this idea of "participative project for a city" very (funny) and interesting. It's a proof of your "good governance" and the evidence of good usage of the public and customers money! As participant, may I ask you to send me the retained ideas for a "better life in Berlin". Sure that it can be "exported" :-):-). Greets, jpd

Welcome dear neighbour!

Thanks a lot ! Right, its 5 days to go – so feel free to hurry up if you have an idea!

I don´t quite understand what you mean with "retained" ideas. I can not send you a PDF – You can see and browse all submissions online right here on the platform.

Best from Berlin!

Yours Jesko

But pleae remember that the ideas are the intellectual property of the designer... and cannot just be "taken" or "borrowed".

Sure, that´s why there´s a © under each slide.

I think a strict monitoring on monday would be helpful.

Actually today I have seen at least 5 new accounts that all of them voted the same project. So indeed it`s strange what happens, but in my opinion you can't vote a good project with a low rating how others are doing.

One week hard work. Project is finished, I'm done and I'm happy :-)

Was ich schade finde ist, das viele hier schöne Ideen haben aber leider sich nicht das Briefing meines Erachtens gut durchgelesen haben. Viele Ideen sind so stark auf die Berliner Sparkasse fokusiert, so das leider der soziale Hintergrund fehlt. Es werden doch Ideen gesucht die gut für Berlin sind und auch die Unterstützt die keine "Stimme" haben, die jenigen die nicht gehört werden.

After my first "joint venture" with jovoto of this certain competition these are my final thoughts: Personally i realized that a huge part of the (partly) hard worked ideas could not be stamped with the slogan GOOD FOR BERLIN. Pretty much more: Good for a city.

On one hand it is fantastic to see what people think around the globe. On the contrary there was not always a good research in advance (about Berlin), even at those (partly) who seems to be for this moment under the top20.

If people vote, they should think a bit and of course they should take their time: It's about Berlin. You should be aware of this fact.

So i mght also say: it makes not really sense if someone from the other part of the world is part of this competition. If you know what i mean. So i think as an architect - and i worked 6 years in china which was always not easy to understand - it's really not easy to think deeper about an (perhaps) unknown cultural thing

but anyway. it was also fun for me.

Hi lecorb, Thanks for your reflections. It's true, it is difficult to bridge cultures, especially across a globe like we're doing here, but it's a challenge we happily take on! We're happy that you had fun working on the project :-) All the best, Jess

At least 10 new accounts every day vote for this project, seems a little bit strange from my point of view, I'm sure that Jovoto team will check with great attention.

well...........this is really one of these i already was talking about...............Thanks to NAC!

that is actually an awesome collection NAC you are following in the past couple of days!. i like it. pretty much!........and these guys voting always (more or less) their absoute likes to the same entries. NAC: Wonderful. thanks a lot.

Indeed I have a great collection of accounts that I can provide if needed to Jovoto team. And the big problem is that all of these accounts are not satisfied only by giving a high rate to their favorites but also giving a low rate to the other proposals.

Hi guys, thanks for watching out. You can be sure that Jesko as the Project Guide will do rating monitoring as much as needed. There's still 6 days left for ratings - especially after the end of the submission period there will be lots to do ;)

Ideed there are some curious voting behavior and some strange connections between the voting of 2 or 3 special ideas.

So let's sing "It's raining again" ;)))

....or better we cry out (like at woodstock back in the days....): no more rain!

A call to all: If you do not like the ideas, and that these would Reviewed bad I love it if you would write a short feedback in the comments. That would help me a lot because I and thereby others might be to just learn more. Thank you.

Dearest community,

You've officially completed an awesome submission phase! We'd like to thanks for all the hard work you put into it. You did a really great job :-)

Thanks to you guys, you submitted a total of 246 good ideas for Berlin. Not to mention a whopping 1,126 attachments!

With the rating phase underway, you've made a total of 5523 votes! Now let's see how many more we can add on to that in the next 6 days! And don't worry, we are doing rating monitoring throughout as well as after the close of the rating period.

I'm sure that once the project is officially closed, Jesko will give back to you with an project wrap up post! Until then, enjoy all that goodness for Berlin!

All the best, Jess

You deserve a fun-filled, sunny weekend - but dang, you will be greeted by a host of bashers on Monday. Thank you for already monitoring the ongoing ratings!

...and always the same loved 2 to 3 ideas. Which are the revenants (Wiedergänger) of the top 20 ;-)

Yeah, in a way it isn't bashing - there is one set of users that loves the same three ideas, and then one more set loving only one certain idea. Meaning - for me, those 4 ideas should be banned completely for shameless, unethical campaigning.

At the moment I have about 20 (fake)names.

I have probably double the names you have, but I'm still collecting them until rating period is over and after that will give it to Jesko. He will know how to handle that. This contest will probably have the highest number of ratings for each of the top20 ideas, but a big part of them are from fakes accounts.

Dear Flavius, that's a good idea. Unfortunately it's always the same in public contests. Tomorrow I will give my list to Jesko. I also think there are a lot of fake accounts. There are a few more people which write down the names of this accounts so let us hope that in the end the result is rather fair.

Thanks, we really appreciate your efforts and trust in our team :)

We are indeed working to figure out ways to further prevent such roller coasters in public projects and we are of course we always happy to come back to work on Mondays!

Those manic Mondays :))

Let's start with not being able to message accounts during the rating period, at least none that are not involved in the project? Not signing up just to vote would be nice, too - 12D actually had that rule, where you couldn't sign up and immediately participate in already running contests, to prevent clients faking a winner.

In this project, it is obvious that a whole group of accounts have been contacted to ask for votes - once for three specific ideas, once for a single idea. Just banning those ideas (or at least those votes) should be enough to clean up the rating.

Something is really wrong on this contest, I have received 8 ratings in the last 4 hours,probably I'm not the only one in this situation. How does the other top20 entries perform? I'm sure that more that 50% of this ratings are fakes one.

dito... it's seems not normal!

9 ratings since yesterday, dropped 6-9 places in the last couple of days. Normal? Nope, probably not.

Same for me! I gave my list to Jesko of my potential fake accounts, we should not worry, the jovoto team will do a tight monitoring and ALL those fake votes will not count!!! :)

Same here :(( It is more than disappointing :(

I agree with Kakel.
I bealive that all new accounts that were created during this contest (all the ones that did not submit an idea) should not count. Maybe a bit extreme but a lot of us worked really hard in this contest and it would be a shame for something like this to happen. Everyone should have an equal chance

I agree with Kakel.
I bealive that all new accounts that were created during this contest (all the ones that did not submit an idea) should not count. Maybe a bit extreme but a lot of us worked really hard in this contest and it would be a shame for something like this to happen. Everyone should have an equal chance

Dear All,

We hear your concerns and take it serious.

Changing of ranks does not necessarily mean bashing or fake users. We see the amount of rating almost doubles in the "rating only" period, no matter if its a public or private project, and this of courses changes ranks.

But be sure we are going to do a intensive monitoring to ensure fairness in the rating process anf put manipulative ratings on false.

Yours Jesko

In the last 11 hours I have received 14 ratings with one love from Tondou, the others didn't loved my idea so I don't know who they are. No comment.

Something similar here. My good arrow dropped 36 spots in 4 hours. I don't know how many ratings were in this period but something weard has happened. This is not normal ! With so many ratings already,(over 100)it is hard to drop this much in a such short period. I know Jesko is going to do the monitoring so it is ok but I wanted to express my concernes.

Dear All,

We hear your concerns and take it serious.

Changing of ranks does not necessarily mean bashing or fake users. We see the amount of rating almost doubles in the "rating only" period, no matter if its a public or private project, and this of courses changes ranks.

But be sure we are going to do a intensive monitoring to ensure fairness in the rating process anf put manipulative ratings on false.

Yours Jesko

same here, my idea dropped like a fly in one day after staying ONE MONTH in top of the top :)

My list grows! Here is my slogan: "Stop bullying with umbrellas" ;-) It's so annoying and I understand all comments here.

hahaha, stop bullying with umbrellas.

"Stop 3D bullying with umbrellas as well as air and light..."? Ohhhhhh.... well. ;)

if all these fake votes will not be counting, there will be a huge swirl at the end.

my record now: 3 times loved within 20 minutes. a little strange: my perhaps most weakest idea (out of 5).

:) you're lucky. my best 3 ideas dropped an added 150 spots in 2 hours :))) one with a record of 63 spots :) I guess I just have to try to find the humour in it, no sense to get angry. I'm sure the bashers are having a lot of fun, we should also :)))) The truth will come out in the end :))))

Dear All,

thanks for your open words. We are here and hear you. We know the final rating period in public projects can feel like roller coasters sometimes.

Please be sure we can see and track all ratings streaming in. We do and will do intense rating monitoring to support fairness within this process. Please be a little pationed.

We appreciate your suggestions for improvements and we will open a support center thread and link it here to give you space for further discussion.

We will definetly take your suggestions into consideration, like not displaying TOP 20 or TOP50 in public projects, or increase the karma level that makes ratings count. But please let this be the space for the discussion of the project and briefing itself.

Yours Jesko

this is begining to become a disgrace. you guys @ jovoto say that you have 45.000 creatives on your site, really ? maybe 100 good skilled veterans, 100 more creatives with potential and the rest up to 45 k, multiple accounts and users that help other users just rating ideas without even read a project's brief. This will be my last project on these open contests, i'm sick and tired with the level of prostitution on these projects. bashers, haters and little minions with 15 accounts. Your system is fragile (150 level for karma can be achieved with 25 comments or ratings) and it is also obvious for me that your proces of monitorizing rating doesn't do any good. THE RATING should come from users that really count around here, from users that participate in projects or have some activity around here. These ratings that we get from made up accounts (specially made for one project and then no activity for months) says nothing about our work (and we do WORK, we put effort and time in our ideas and boards). WHAT IS THE RELEVANCE OF A VOTE IF NO COMMENT COMES WITH IT ? WHERE IS THE CONSTRUCTIVE CONCEPT OF A WORD ABOUT ONE'S IDEA ? how do we know what to change or how to improve an idea if we nothing but a rating. In this project i have like 15 feedback but 120 ratings ( !!! ) for every love that i got, up to 5 votes (negative ones) comes with it. Something must be changed and changed pretty fast around here. There are other sites with fairplay and my love for Jovote is droping pretty fast.

646 users with karma above 1000 points 640-650 users with karma between 500 and 1000 points aprox. 900 users with karma between 300 and 500 that's a long way to reach those 45.000 creatives that supposedly are around here. every new OPEN project comes with God knows how many new accounts and these accounts brings no benefits to the real creatives around here and especially to Jovoto which will find itself in the akward position to tell the clients that they have so many creatives around here. If the community prizes are given by the community itself by the rating system, at least it should be done in a manner of profesionalism. I want to be rated just by other REAL members of Jovoto, users with skills and talent from which i can really learn something. Fake account or account that doesn't show anything should not be able to VOTE as it is clear and obvious for many of us amongs here that these accounts are made just for destroying one's ideas. Jovoto should think about some new strategy and present some ideas within the community and let us, the ones that are active here to choose the one that sounds good. Participating in a project demands time and effort for us and we want to be judge accordingly and most important, we want to be judge by users that have this right - ergo, the ones that are active and skilled. If you dont make something about it, you guys @ jovoto might as well print all the ideas and put it outside your location, on the street and let trespassers to cast votes. At least that will give us same chances as nobody on the street will have some evil intentions about ratings,right ?

Before it is said that this should not be under the brief but on the discussion board, I'd like to say that yes, I hate this fake newincomers on Jovoto. I think real members are many enough to be called a representative percentage of the 'crowd' that a client seeks for when putting a project on crowdsourcing platforms.

Why not adding a required feature that proves that the candidate to be part of the comunity is an actual person? something like making the "send portfolio" a MUST? In this way we would make sure that people trying to join are real and (most important) DESERVE to be part of Jovoto.

oxelot is right = discussion board (but i found out = not much people look at these boards????) as s new one in this community i found out: top folders are useless. nobody should know anything till the end of the whole contest. it has to be like in a real (architecture or design) competition. Also i am not sure about writing critical statements - which i did - probably not smart from me (regarding my own ideas)??? better to write nothing at all (i fi do not like an idea)? third: this certain contest was about berlin and once more: really a lot of the ideas are not about berlin (incl. most of the topXX), just about a city in the world. some were really good, but actually they explained the idea in german (which might be right, because Berlin = germany).

They do not look, because the discussion boards are well hidden, they are not like the blog button, which is right in front of you. The best choice might be to add a discussion board under each contest. So people will not discuss stuff related to jovoto, in the place where should be discussed stuff related to the contest theme.

Lots of us are against these topxx filters. Guides sais they exist for a better tracking of the bashers. I said bashers exist because of the filters. Maybe just the guides/monitoring perosn should have access to them.

I disagree about not having critiques or comments. I think that feedback is what makes you grow and learn as a designer, as well as improve your porposals.

And you said lots of ideas are about "any city in the world". Well, isn't Berlin a "city in the world" therefore the idea would be good for Berlin too? Of course there are some exceptions but there will always be ideas out of the brief.

Dear All,

thanks for your open words. We are here and hear you. We know the final rating period in public projects can feel like roller coasters sometimes.

Please be sure we can see and track all ratings streaming in. We do and will do intense rating monitoring to support fairness within this process. Please be a little pationed.

We appreciate your suggestions for improvements and we will open a support center thread and link it here to give you space for further discussion.

We will definetly take your suggestions into consideration, like not displaying TOP 20 or TOP50 in public projects, or increase the karma level that makes ratings count. But please let this be the space for the discussion of the project and briefing itself.

Yours Jesko

you cant hide behind "We know the final rating period in public projects can feel like roller coasters sometimes.", after many of us stayed for an entire MONTH in the same spot and in 24 hours dropped in the abis, this is a joke. I find this disturbing, an entire month flushing down the toilet and wrapped out as a "roller coaster period".

Dear Mi5hel,

We can see and track all ratings of your idea. There was just 1 bashing of your idea that is already on false – cause it was manipulative.

The ranks will change until the final results since we are still having a close look into the monitoring and it will take some time.

Yours Jesko

1 bashing ?! :) and the one that i claimed to be. no my dear friends of jovoto, let me say we are not paranoics but some naivity comes from your monitoring. doesn't matter, i consider the whole thing a done deal. will not go ever for other open project untill the system is changed. i feel that is easy to trick the system and by you guys, saying i have only one bashing (and from a user i personally poited out).... no comment.... nevertheless, we still appreciate your work and know that there is no such thing as a perfect system but most of us think that in the future, the near one, changes must be done on the ratings.

We shall see where the ratings end. Would be interesting to have three set of community rating for comparison - the regular cleaned one, the regular cleaned one minus the voting concerning the four ideas we have mentioned, and a third where in addition, all members that signed up during the project will be removed.

I am guessing the results will greatly differ.

But yes, after this contest, I agree - get rid of any Top 20/50/100. Then the bashers and manipulators would have to go the more complicated route of guessing rating by number of comments. Exclude new members from voting. And disable messaging in part.

"Bashing" is actually the wrong term by now, since anyone manipulating the results already knows that straightforward bashing looks suspicious - a nice 4-star rating will do the trick just as nicely.

@ Mi5hel: Question: How you can know how many users having XXX karmas? I am interested in this! you was counting them in ....which way?

@Jesko! GREAT if this monotoring will be happen. I think I should see that after the contest is finished regarding the number of votings I guess? Should be far less (without any doubt! at least of 2 or 3 entries (good and bad ones) See: one entry peaked sunday night #14 and now...30 hours later...#48. it was voted 102 times by being just uploaded a couple of days after half time of this contest. sounds a lot to me. ......but of course: i am new here.

@Oxelot: Regarding: Berlin: good for berlin: Berlin is a city like other cities in the world. I think: it is for sure much more easier by the whole community to vote by a design for..let's say victornox. not a deep research is necessary. in this contest it is different: a deep research is a MUST; but i doubt it, that the community has the time to doing so . so they vote kind of fast without deeply knowing: do this certain city need it or not. I really could give you many many examples here ( but too much i would have to write down then). therefore: perhaps this competition might be not fitting too good for the whole community of jovoto (to vote!) .Perhaps for such a contest there MUST be a jury by experts just! This is my feeling. I doubt it that i could be able to vote if this competition would have the slogan: Good for Denpasar!

click the "creatives" button and start counting :)

This is the fourth competition where the same is happening. I warned jovoto on it (I'm talking about my entries -from eighth place down to hundred and something...) but the response was that all is regular with voting. people who do not participate in the competition should not have the right to vote. We can tell that this is the community, but at the end of the day it's all about money - we need to live, right. let's be honest, if the prize was € 1, how many of us would be here? and once again: - people who do not participate in the competition should not have the right to vote. over and out. thanks :(

Dear All,

thanks for your open words. We are here and hear you. We know the final rating period in public projects can feel like roller coasters sometimes.

Please be sure we can see and track all ratings streaming in. We do and will do intense rating monitoring to support fairness within this process. Please be a little pationed.

We appreciate your suggestions for improvements and we will open a support center thread and link it here to give you space for further discussion.

We will definetly take your suggestions into consideration, like not displaying TOP 20 or TOP50 in public projects, or increase the karma level that makes ratings count. But please let this be the space for the discussion of the project and briefing itself.

Yours Jesko

thanks for reply. This IS a discussion about the project. if designers are frustrated - there will be no good idea :) remove TOP 20, all TOP of the TOPS :) until the end of contest, remove all members who, in fact, do not do anything and make forum for designers where we may discuss. it won't hurt anybody, and it can only help. nevertheless jovoto is different from others. live long and prosper and make the force be with you :)

The idea "sculpture places" voted by people 25 times with 4 or 3 within 3 hours. I am speechless!

Buckle up people!!! It's going to be a rollercoaster till the end!!! :(

Dear sundesign,

I just checked your ratings. Today your idea received 6 ratings that are very ok. I will PM you to let you know the details.

Guys, please don´t panic. We are on it.

Yours Jesko

The truth is that 50 ratings of 7 and 8 have the same effect to a good proposal as 5 ratings of 1 or 10 ratings of 4, so there are different possibilities to influence the proposals position. Maybe it's not called bashing but for sure it's the same thing. And for sure it would be much more fair to vote only the proposals who have at least 1.000 points. Then for sure nobody will be willing to grow an account up to 1000 points. But to 150 it can be done with 50 ratings given in 5 minutes as we all have seen in the last week. But I trust Jesko that he will put things on order and really the best proposals will regain their initial positions. Heads up jovotans.

the truth is: as long you are in the top20 folders you will be voted. you dropped down to the top 50 folder far less will happen. you dropped down to the top 100 folder: it will be quite like on xmas eve. ...... . and you know what: this is kind of normal!

but is was already discussed 100's of times now. therefore: sorry for this last comment on this!
i find it very strange that this guys loved my idea and disliked all the others in the top 20. It's a sick world. @ Jovoto - please do something with these new accounts and their ratings. For now seems that your guys are over your head...

Dear Mi5hel,

thanks for your open eyes.

We already have set these ratings on false. This community member´s ratings are under review and are not factored into the overall rating score.

But please do not point out single users here in the briefing. If you have any doubts about manipulative rating behaviour feel free to PM us and we will double check it.

Yours Jesko

Dear All,

we had a very close look at the monitoring yesterday and you will already see some visual results. Be sure we take it serious and keep on monitoring until we announce the winners.

Yours Jesko

Indeed we have seen that you were very hard-working yesterday!!! Thanks a lot for that Jesko :) Before it was really annoying and now it's looks much better. All fair Jovoteans good luck!

Indeed the actual top20 looks much more professional that it looked the last 3 days. So good luck everyone and keep your eyes wide open Jesko. Altought today I haven't seen any more umbrella love and that's refreshing.

Hi Jesko,

any idea yet, when the results of the contest will be announced? And, will the ratings still change (as you guys clean up the much talked about fake accounts)? Thing is, I dropped from 51 to 73 in the last three hours of the competition...

Have a good week!

cheers, Philip

Dear Philip,

we will take this week for monitoring and planned to close the project and announce the winners by end of the week. Yes, depending on what the monitoring tells us – the results can change until we close the project.

Yours Jesko

Looking forward seeing the results by the end of the week. Are you going to post little information about what went wrong?

Dear All,

thanks a bunch for being part of this meaningful project! We just finished the monitoring and announced the community winners!!

Big Congrats to oxelot, donner_mayer, wolkersdorfer, hinatao, Kakel, Mi5hel, mamma_mia, EvgeniLeonov, CrossTheLime, flav_660029, CVAG and joanaf!

We will meet the Jury on the 30th of June to discuss their final awarding of the Jury prices and which ideas will be brought into reality.

We took your feedback about the final rating serious and will definetly discuss how we can improve your rating experience. We might test some first changes in the next public project that is starting very soon.


I think we are all exited to see some of them getting real as soon as possible and will not miss keeping you updated.**

Best from Berlin!

Yours Jesko

Curious on which ideas will be brought into reality! Still, congratulation to all community's winner & hopefully the new changes starting next public project will be bring much more positive impact to the whole community.

Congrats to all the winners : )

Good results , congratulation to the community and all winners....:-)

Dear Jovoto Team, allow me to ask you a question: if your voiting system works well - everybody has the right to vote as he likes . So there can be no votes that are not fair and are taken out by Jovoto. Who decides what´s fair and what not???? If the system allows it, everyone should vote the way he likes and his voting should be fair and whith the needed respect for those who worked a lot on there Projects and ideas. Do you think that it is more fair that Jovoto decides who is allowed to vote and who isnt??? I do not! I´m rather a new part of this community and have no private contact to anybody here. So everone who voted for my idea did it because he liked or disliked my project. I dindt ask anyone to vote for me. So why did you changed the rating AFTER the closing of the voiting?

My opinion is that it would be better to reconsider the voting system of jovoto. If not no member should be unable to vote the way he likes.

A secound possibility is to let a expert Jury decide which projects wins the competition.

And a last remark: I personally would like to congratulate all winners and also all who developed intresting ideas in this contest. I think there are a lot of very good ideas. For me the voting dosen`t express the real hierarchy of what´s "Good For Berlin".

Allow me to say that the urban furniture are nice but there are a lot better ideas. In the end there where again the perfect renderings that have leed to succes.

But this is only my private belief and should not derogate in any way the good work of the winnig teams.

Best greetings to all creative people in the world

Dear 111grad, thanks for sharing your thoughts! Let me quickly answer your questions: • We want to enable the community to pick the winners. We do rating monitoring with smart data based tools to set clear manipulative ratings on false. • I agree that the process of rating in public projects needs fine-tuning. We want you to have a great experience submitting great ideas. • Yes, there´s a Jury decision on top of the community ranking that will take place next week.

Best from Berlin!!

Yours Jesko

Any results from the client?

**Dear All,

after having a close look at all 246 submissions again and preparing a huge presentation, we met the whole Jury and client yesterday afternoon at the Berliner Sparkasse headquarter, Alexanderhaus, Berlin .

The Jury and client have been very impressed by the wide range of creative ideas, by your great engagement as well as the depth of some submissions!

The Jury found their decision to award the most original and most effective idea in fruitful and intensive discussions. But before announcing them, they want to let the employees of Berliner Sparkasse decide their Staff Favorite without any influence of the Jury decision.

A couple of thousand employees of Berliner Sparkasse will make their Staff Favourite´s choice from today on within the next 2 weeks. Then we will announce all winners together.

The Jury is convinced that this is the most upright process of finding all winners –so its going to be exciting for another 2 weeks.

Yours Jesko**

Excellent way to choose the client's choice, couldn't be more fair and representative!!!

Have the two jury choices been informed yet, at least? Will we get to know which ideas are even voted on? Would be nice to have an indication who still need to cross their fingers. :)

Dear Cross the Lime, no, we will inform everyone at the same time, when all decisions are going to be taken. = ) Yours Jesko

Although i was curious like the others & anxious to know which design being picked for voting like Cross the Lime, I find out that it is much more exciting if all the winners being announced at the same time!

hört hört!

Will there be created a ranking based on the Staff choices? And shared with us?

Dear Tiberiu,

I will ask the client but I think they intended to just announce the employee favourite not the ranking.

Yours Jesko

any news? when are we gonna know? thanks

Dear AKA,

Thanksa for asking! I completely understand that you all are curious about the final results! We got back to Berliner Sparkasse yesterday and expect the final decision this week, maybe even today.

Yours Jesko


Thanks a lot for your patience! – Thanks a lot for participating, for creating outstanding ideas and making this project awesome. Here´s the final Jury Announcement including the Berliner Sparkasse staff favorite:

"We would like to sincerely thank the jovoto-community for the active participation and numerous submissions! The creative variety and wide range of ideas as well as the worldwide participation impressed us. The new path that we decided to take with a crowdstorm also gained much popularity among our employees. It was a successful and exciting contest with many good ideas which we will further develop.

Most Original IdeaBerliner Sparkasse Wunschbrunnen (Wishing Well) | by Tobias von E. An interesting idea, that combines the thought of saving with the aspiration - do good and give something back to the city. This approach totally matches the Berliner Sparkasse image.

Most effektive IdeaWie barrierefrei ist Berlin wirklich? (Barrier Elimination) | by FACTORY In order to break down barriers, first of all, it is important to know where they are and how they impair the lives of those affected. This idea is an exciting approach on how we can address the problem as the Berliner Sparkasse.

Staff FavouriteDas Kiezkonto (The District Account | by lecorb Civic involvement and commitment on-site: this convinced our employees as well. Eventually, the people in the neighborhood (Kiez) know best, where support is needed most."

Big Congrats to the Jury Winners and Staff Favourite and thanks again everybody for your engaged work!

Yours Jesko

Many congrats to these awesome ideas!! You all deserved it!! :))

Congrats to the winners of the client choices : )

Congrats to all the winners !

Great ideas have been chosen ! big congrats !!!!

To all winners, well done & a big congratulations!


Happy Wednesday ;) We just launched a crowdstorm with Sparda Bank and I wanted to give you a heads-up because you are already familiar with bank-related projects!! Though different than this opportunity from last year, definitely take a look at the brief and see if it interests you! They're inviting you to create a bench (“Bank” in German), that will function as seating in the bank as well as the key visual for the next bank's campaign. Feel free to ask any questions under the brief.

Hope to get to see some of your ideas in there! :) Alex