example of concept :


As responsibility for society and the economy is firmly anchored in the statutes of the Sparkassen, why not encourage people to make another kind of "deposit", one for the city, for what they like and love, why not let people to chose their own state of mind and culture.


! IMPORTANT ! - some pictures used for presentation were taken from the world wide web, i do not own the rights of them. used it to exemplify my idea

slide 3 photo backgraound used from Victor Pelaez Torres |

Please describe your idea in one sentence.

A fun way to make people aware about the benefits of making savings, work together and make sports.

Who will benefit from your idea, hence whom is your idea directed towards?

Everybody. The campaign is for everyone :)

Why is your idea “good for Berlin”?

Gather people togheter to an aim. Also making them aware about the benefits of making savings and also about having care of themselves by sports. Another important factor is the social one. It can be made as a game competition between various zones of Berlin.

How many people do you think will benefit from your idea?

I may sound arrogant by i think everyone CAN benefit from my idea. How many WILL ? considering it will be a sociable event, thousands can be involved if not more

In what way does the Berliner Sparkasse gain visibility through your idea?

Berliner Sparkasee will be the promoter of this event. Banners/ POS @ specific locations of the event

Which kind of people and how many of them will take notice of your campaign?


How much do you estimate the annual budget for the implementation of your idea to be?

100.000 - 150.000