Berlin love landmarks


where are the places you love most in Berlin?

Berliner Sparkasse is asking you!

Then he put a true landmark in your favorite places, thanks to a vote on an app dedicated.
The landmark is inflatable with a steel base, easy to carry and assemble
become a perfect symbol in your photos to Berlin!

Your photo in the place you love most!

Please describe your idea in one sentence.

put a landmark in the places you love

Who will benefit from your idea, hence whom is your idea directed towards?

all people, residents and tourists in Berlin

Why is your idea “good for Berlin”?

because it creates a connection between the city and the feelings of the people

How many people do you think will benefit from your idea?


In what way does the Berliner Sparkasse gain visibility through your idea?

with his name on the landmark

Which kind of people and how many of them will take notice of your campaign?


How much do you estimate the annual budget for the implementation of your idea to be?

small budget, in anticipation of a dozen totem, the cost is minimal