Gift Economy - om project
Gift Economy - om project


Please read below and slides.

Please describe your idea in one sentence.

A new space in the city, supported by the Gift Economy (a new way of thinking), for all the people who need to relax, avoid the stress and go back to themselves.

Who will benefit from your idea, hence whom is your idea directed towards?

Everybody, specially who work/live in the city are welcome, no matter age, religion, race or sex.

Why is your idea “good for Berlin”?

Because it tends to create a community more integrated, responsible and generous made of healthy and not stressed people, reversing the negatives aspects of a big city.

How many people do you think will benefit from your idea?

I think its imposible to calculate how many people could go but for sure its a place that many people would be interested in. As time passes, people will tell to their friends and then they will tell to their friends as well, and so on. It will have an effective viral effect, making this idea a long term project.

In what way does the Berliner Sparkasse gain visibility through your idea?

This is a completely new idea, interesting and innovative, so the people will talk about this and in a short period of time the name of Berliner Sparkasse will be in the mouth of everyone. In this way, this project will make Berliner Sparkasse be closer to the people. Beside this the media would announce it in every newspaper, tv, etc. And of course the bank would make a campaign about this project.

Which kind of people and how many of them will take notice of your campaign?

Almost every people who live/work in Berlin.

How much do you estimate the annual budget for the implementation of your idea to be?

The interesting thing of this is that it supposed this project would refeed by itself (Gift Economy). Beside this, the bank should make the first invesment in order to create the space.