besitze ein stück berlin!
2000 cubes for berlin – urban furniture and light sculpture


this is much about basic questions like what does living together in a city means, how can we share things, take care of public space and celebrate public life. democratic processes are part of the concept, f.e. by making a public competition and voting for giving names to the cubes (what is, will be or has been good for berlin? rosa luxemburg, the berlin wall coming down, polarbear knut, trees ...?) besides that the cubes can be used to sit down and chill and they appear like mini  landmarks on public places in berlin at night.


feasability thoughts / forecoming robbery, abuse: 

no technical /mechanical protection (cubes must be freely moveable) but something like a 'moral' protection that can be added to the cubes, f.e. by making the whole campaign also some kind of social experiment, and the cubes a symbol of how communities work together, share and take care of public things. there could be revision events after 6 months / 1 year to see what happened to the cubes (how many left in public space? how far travelled? which districts with most cubes? ...) with competitions / exhibitions connected to it. if the cubes get an additional number to their names they could be spotted easily by citizens ('mauerfall 14 seen in görlitzer park', 'willy brandt 03 located at potsdamer platz' ...). this could be a great photo exhibition. the whole thing is very interesting in both social and cultural meanings (which cubes are still in public after one year, which have disappeared? 79 'luftbrücke' left but just 21 'rosa luxemburg' ...?)

so possible damages through vandalism and robbery are already part of this project, because they are part of the society. but the question is, how does the majority of the citizens deal with this? very exciting!


Please describe your idea in one sentence.

pieces of berlin identity, spread in the whole city, in the shape of urban furniture and light sculpture cubes.

Who will benefit from your idea, hence whom is your idea directed towards?

everybody in public space can benefit from the cubes, users are changing and the amount is growing.

Why is your idea “good for Berlin”?

the cubes can be used to sit on, are a landmark at night, transport a piece of berlin identity by displaying the names of important persons, things or events and are part of a sociocultural experiment about common sense and urban living.

How many people do you think will benefit from your idea?

it could be everybody, the amount of users is constantly growing.

In what way does the Berliner Sparkasse gain visibility through your idea?

the berliner sparkasse will be visible day and night with the red cubes, unexpectedly at changing spots all over the city. the logo is on the cubes. the kick-off event and competitions / exhibitions connected with the cubes can be celebrated with good and positive feedback, may-be get attention and reactions in the media (not just as a sparkasse promotion event, but because it's a project of sociocultural interest).

Which kind of people and how many of them will take notice of your campaign?

through competitions, exhibitions, events and the cubes popping up at different places in the city a lot of people.

How much do you estimate the annual budget for the implementation of your idea to be?

flexible. the more cubes the better. they should be made of recycled plastic material and be equiped with a solar panel and led light inside. calculations are about 100 € / one cube.